Found: The Meaning Behind Your Favorite IKEA Products

Have you ever wondered if there was a story behind your favorite IKEA product name? If you don’t speak Swedish, chances are you haven’t a clue what it’s named after, and if you’re an IKEA fanatic (like us), you’re probably curious. Well, it turns out Apartment Therapy was too, so the site tapped IKEA Head of Research Mikael Ydholm to share the tale behind the words associated with each product name. While some are pretty intuitive based upon the product type or given pattern, others are more arbitrary and tend to get a little lost in translation.

According to Ydholm, most of the sofas have been named after cities, and all of the product names are in a Scandinavian language, primarily Swedish, to highlight IKEA’s birthplace. The Swedish product names reference the brand’s allegiance to its home, which is why they aren’t translated to each store’s local language around the world. So next time you’re on a road trip with a car full of design buffs, use this video as inspiration for word association games, IKEA edition (pronunciation errors and all).


Apartment Therapy

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