20 IKEA Impulse Buys You Won't Regret

Great IKEA impulse buys
Original Illustration by Viviana Duron

When it comes to impulse shopping, IKEA is to home décor fans what Zara is to fashion fanatics; it’s inexpensive, can be easily elevated, and is nearly impossible to leave the store without finding something new.

To fuel our shared obsession, we went in search of IKEA’s top 20 products that are both stylish and affordable. The challenge? Each piece had to be under $40 and look surprisingly elegant (thanks to a couple of smart styling tricks, of course). Here, we detail the best impulse buys and how to incorporate them into your home so that guests will never guess where they’re from. From handwoven jute and wool runners to a real sheepskin rug, you don’t need to think twice about putting these foolproof finds in your cart. These are the best buys under $40 to impulse-buy on your next IKEA trip. We’ll see you at the checkout.

IKEA Tanum Rug
IKEA Tanum Rug $15

Style these flat-woven colored rugs in a hallway, or layer them with a jute or seagrass rug for a textured look. 

IKEA Fascinera Chopping Board
IKEA Fascinera Chopping Board $8

Sleek and simple, this solid wood chopping board is worthy of displaying on your kitchen countertop. 

IKEA Fladis Basket
IKEA Fladis Basket $20

Toss your plastic wastepaper bin, and replace it with a carefully handcrafted basket. Pair it with natural accents like a rustic wood chair or a woven tray to complete the look. 

IKEA Ranarp Pendant Lamp
IKEA Ranarp Pendant Lamp $40

Upgrade your kitchen without renovating with this classic, inexpensive pendant lamp. Buy three, and have them installed above a long countertop for a refined look.

IKEA Rens Sheepskin
IKEA Rens Sheepskin $30

Channel your inner Swede by draping this real wool sheepskin over a modern desk chair or hardwood floor. 

IKEA Stockholm Carafe
IKEA Stockholm Carafe $13

Display your H20 in style with this stunning mouth-blown carafe. Its sleek look will complement your dining table, and guests will literally be “blown” away by its vibrant hue.

IKEA Tilst Rug
IKEA Tilst Rug $35

Yes, it’s from IKEA. Add this surprisingly chic jute-and-wool rug in a neutral space for a burst of unexpected color. 

IKEA Svirvel
IKEA Svirvel $20

Give your workspace a modern update with this white steel task light. Style it with graphic artworks to give the space a high-end look. 

IKEA Mastholmen Side Table
IKEA Mastholmen Side Table $35

Furnishing a small space? This woven rattan chair is ideal for apartments or studios. Pair it with polished concrete or global-inspired décor, and guests will never guess its origin. 

IKEA Minde Mirror
IKEA Minde Mirror $10

For those who love the minimalist’s approach to interior design, this simple and sleek mirror is the ultimate accessory. Pin it to the back of your door or inside your closet.

IKEA Fado Lamp
IKEA Fado Lamp $25

This elegant lamp will look chic on any table setting. Just add some decorative accents or style books for the finishing touch. 

IKEA Osternas Leather Handle, 2 Pack
IKEA Osternas Leather Handle, 2 Pack $10

Bold and simple, these leather handles will elevate any kitchen pantry or drawers. 

IKEA Sunnersta Utility Cart
IKEA Sunnersta Utility Cart $30

This simple white bar cart was one of the hero buys in IKEA’s new 2017 catalog. Elevate this simple piece by adding brass accessories or white baskets if you plan to use it as storage. 

IKEA Druvflader Hanging Planter
IKEA Druvflader Hanging Planter $8

Style these handwoven planters with care—the plants you choose will dictate whether they look luxe or less. Opt for greenery with soft, overflowing foliage, and hang it in the corner of a bohemian bedroom. 

IKEA Leifarne Chair
IKEA Leifarne Chair $40

An inexpensive take on the classic Scandinavian chair, this simple white chrome-plated variety doesn’t require a second thought. 

IKEA Fryken Seagrass Box with lid, Set of 3
IKEA Fryken Seagrass Box with lid, Set of 3 $10

Baskets as home décor have been a rising trend since 2016, with woven and wicker varieties repurposed as planters and storage solutions in stylish homes. Keep this seagrass one by the door to store shoes or stacked with magazines next to the sofa.

IKEA Ranarp Work Lamp
IKEA Ranarp Work Lamp $33

This brass-and-black work lamp doesn’t need a hack to look good. If you’ve invested in a quality desk, save on accessories with this $33 buy.

IKEA Ingolf Stool
IKEA Ingolf Stool $40

Give this understated white stool a luxe look by stacking vintage trunks or coffee table books on it or using it as a nightstand. 

IKEA Gradvis Vase, Set of 2
IKEA Gradvis Vase, Set of 2 $6

We called pottery as a rising trend in 2017 and at $5, there’s no excuse not to introduce some of into your home too. This chic two-piece set in complementary blush and nude tones just needs a few in-season blooms bursting out of them and your room will come alive.

IKEA Harte LED Work Lamp
IKEA Harte LED Work Lamp $18

Add this super-sleek and modern LED lamp to a desk or accent table for a surprisingly stylish look. 

What’s your favorite IKEA buy of all time?

This post was originally published on September 2, 2016, and has since been updated.

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