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21 Hacks for the IKEA Råskog Utility Cart That Design Experts Love

A black IKEA Raskog cart, slid under a wooden desk to serve as an under-desk storage system

Robyn Stanley

IKEA’s Råskog Utility Cart has become a fan-favorite among design lovers, and it’s not hard to see why. The cart is sleek, space-efficient, and ridiculously easy to transform, inspiring an array of DIY projects. Enterprising decorators used the cart as a coffee station, a desk organizer, a portable garden, and more.

“The Råskog Cart is an inexpensive and incredibly functional piece that can be used in so many settings,” Tara Mihalech, the blogger behind Suburble, says. “It can be incorporated into nearly every room of the house.”

Mihalech transformed her Råskog Cart into a crafting cart for her kids—giving them an organized place to put their favorite markers, crayons, and popsicle sticks. And she’s not the only one who’s made the cart her own. 

Scour the internet and you’ll find all kinds of IKEA Råskog Cart DIY projects—many of which are clever enough to try at home and easy enough to pull off. To get your creative juices flowing, we’ve rounded up 21 ways you can hack IKEA’s Råskog Utility Cart to make it work in your home.

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Coffee Cart

A white IKEA Raskog cart, topped with coffee-making essentials

The Merry Thought

Craving a coffee station you can roll to any room in your home? Snag IKEA’s Råskog Cart in a classic color, and top it with your coffee shop favorites.

Cover your bases with a pour-over set, an espresso machine, or a drip coffeemaker. (Just make sure your cart is close to an outlet if anything needs to be plugged in.) Then, finish things off with some milk, cream, and sugar—plus a handful of cute mugs.

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Sewing Station

A blue IKEA Raskog cart holding sewing essentials and modified with hooks, pegboards, and cups


On its own, the Råskog Cart would make an excellent sewing organizer. Snag a few small baskets, store your sewing essentials inside them, and voila—you’ve got an orderly sewing station. But if you want even more storage space, you can outfit your rolling cart with hooks, cups, perforated wood panels, and more.

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Garden on Wheels

A white IKEA Raskog cart, holding plants, vases, and other planting essentials


Surprising as it may sound, IKEA’s Råskog Cart is the perfect place to store your plants. Its tiers are deep enough to house planters, pots, or straight-up soil. And you can roll it from window to window until you find a sunny spot your plants love.

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Desk Organizer

A home office with a white desk and an aqua IKEA Raskog cart used as a desk organizer

Lovely Indeed

If your home office needs a little more storage space, consider rolling a Råskog Cart next to your desk. You can fill it with folders, baskets, and other classic desk supplies. And since the cart comes in three pretty colors, you can snag it in the shade that best suits your space.

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Cleaning Cart

A white IKEA Raskog cart topped with cleaning supplies

Ode to Less

Tired of lugging around tons of supplies every time you clean your house? Pile your cleaning supplies onto a Råskog Cart, and roll that around instead. The cart will keep all your cleaning essentials organized. Plus, it’ll make transporting them from room to room a whole lot easier.

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Portable Pantry

A black IKEA Raskog cart, topped with food, jars, and kitchen appliances

Cate St Hill

If you weren’t blessed with a sprawling pantry or ample kitchen cabinet space, expand your storage set-up with a rolling cart. You can top the cart with the kitchen essentials you always seem to be reaching for. Or you can use it to store a motley crew of items that just don’t fit anywhere else.

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Crafting Cart

An aqua IKEA Raskog cart, topped with jars full of pencils, pens, paintbrushes, and crayons


Crafting is a pastime that involves all kinds of supplies, and a rolling cart can be the perfect place to store them. Thanks to its deep tiers, the Råskog Cart can accommodate your tallest paintbrushes, pens, and markers. Plus, you can roll it to wherever you feel like crafting on a given day.

Mihalech says editing was key to pulling off this project. "When the cart is stuffed, it's hard to use effectively, as a cluttery look can be overwhelming," she says. "Get real with what you own, and pare it down to the essentials."

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Relaxation Station

A red IKEA Raskog cart, topped with flavored water, books, towels, and a portable speaker


With a little imagination, you can transform your Råskog Cart into a vacation on wheels. Top it with a yummy drink of your choice, stock it with plush towels and beach reads, and finish things off with a portable speaker.

Roll the cart to your desired getaway (so, your backyard, porch, or balcony). Then conveniently slide the cart back inside when you’re ready to wrap up the day.

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Under-Desk Storage

A black IKEA Raskog cart, slid under a wooden desk to serve as an under-desk storage system

Robyn Stanley

Thanks to its small size, the Råskog Cart makes a great under-desk organizer. So snag it in a shade that matches your home office, and slide it underneath your desk.

If you pair your colors thoughtfully, the cart might look like it was designed to be part of your desk. And if you can’t match the shades exactly, you can always use the cart to add a pop of color to your space.

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Art Cart

A black IKEA Raskog cart, topped with paints, paintbrushes, paper towels, and other art supplies


Whether you’re an amateur artist or a professional painter, you need a place to store your art supplies. And with a few thoughtfully placed jars and hooks, the Råskog Cart can become an on-the-go studio. Line the cart with canvases, tubes of paint, and paintbrush-filled jars. And consider keeping some towels on hand in case things get messy.

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Succulent Nursery

An aqua IKEA Raskog cart, lined with small succulents

Succulents and Sunshine

Succulents look good just about anywhere, but they look particularly lovely topping a Råskog Cart. Line each tier with loads of succulents, and slide them somewhere sunny. You can keep the plants inside pots. Or you can fill the tiers with soil and plant the succulents directly in the dirt.

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Portable Vanity

A white IKEA Raskog cart, topped with towels and jars full of toiletries

A Beautiful Mess

Don’t have space for a full-blown bathroom vanity? No problem. Store your must-haves in a rolling cart. You can dedicate one tier to towels, another to toiletries, and another to miscellaneous necessities—like cotton swabs and cotton balls. You’ll probably want to stock up on jars to keep things orderly. But hey—just organize the cart the way you’d organize your vanity drawers.

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Book Nook

An aqua IKEA Raskog cart lined with books

Just a Girl and Her Blog

Turn any corner into a reading nook with a book-lined Råskog Cart. Line the cart with your favorite reads, and roll it to wherever you feel like getting cozy. And if you don’t have enough books to cover the cart, don’t worry—you can always outfit it with reading and writing essentials, like journals, pens, and bookmarks.

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Gift Wrapping Station

A black IKEA Raskog cart lined with tissue paper, bows, cards, and gift tags

Polished Habitat

Gift wrapping supplies can be tough to store. There’s usually not enough stuff to put in a closet, but too much stuff to keep in a single drawer. Enter: the Råskog Cart. Small but storage-packed, the cart should be the perfect size to store all your ribbons, tissue paper, and gift bags. And if you hang a small basket from the side of the cart, you can keep your wrapping paper at-the-ready, too.

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Portable Tea Party

An aqua IKEA Raskog cart topped with cinnamon rolls, mugs, and a pitcher of tea


Sipping a hot cup of tea is a lovely experience. And a tea party cart can make the ritual even sweeter. Line the cart with your tea must-haves—like lemon slices, honey, and your favorite mugs. Then, make it feel even more special by topping it with freshly baked snacks and a really great read.

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Sanitation Station

An aqua IKEA Raskog cart, topped with hand sanitizer, cleaning wipes, and other sanitizing must-haves

Just a Girl and Her Blog

Keep germs at bay with a sanitation station—complete with paper towels, tissues, and hand sanitizer. (And if your housemates are prone to spills, you might want to keep some stain remover on-hand too.)

The cart may seem a little silly, but you’ll thank yourself for crafting it. The next time a crisis occurs, you can roll your sanitation station to whatever needs cleaning up—and swiftly handle the emergency.

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Concierge Cart

A black IKEA Raskog cart topped with vacation home essentials, like fresh towels, snacks, toiletries, and a sign with the WiFi password

Casey Finn, The DIY Playbook

Welcome your houseguests with a Råskog Cart that’s been decked out with all the essentials: snacks, fresh towels, and of course, the coveted WiFi password. This concierge cart should make your guests feel right at home. And you can finish it off with pretty touches, like a lush plant and a bowl of candy.

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Rolling Shower Caddy

An aqua IKEA Raskog cart, topped with shower essentials, like shampoo, conditioner, and a towel


Shower caddies are a popular way to organize your toiletries when your bathroom is low on storage space. But if your essentials don’t fit inside a tiny waterproof tote, you can always store them on a rolling cart, instead.

Outfit your Råskog Cart with towels, brushes, shampoo, and conditioner, and more, and slide it out of the way whenever you’re not using it.

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Portable Mailroom

A black IKEA Raskog cart, topped with envelopes, boxes, and other mailing must-haves


Though you may not use them every day, mailing essentials—like stationery, envelopes, and stamps—are worth having on-hand in your home. And shipping essentials like cardboard boxes and packing tape are, too. By storing these must-haves on a rolling cart, you can make sure you have a fully stocked mailroom whenever you need it. Once thank-you note season is done, you can simply tuck the cart away in a closet.

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Board Game Organizer

An aqua IKEA Raskog cart, lined with board games, puzzles, and playing cards

Just a Girl and Her Blog

Make game night more fun—or at least, more organized—by storing your favorite games on a rolling cart. Line each tier with a different type of game: board games on one, cards on another, and puzzles on another. And roll the cart to wherever the action is—whether that be in your living room, in your playroom, or outside in your yard.

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DIY Treasure Trove

A black IKEA Raskog cart, topped with small containers of crafting supplies

Little House of Four

If you’re an avid DIYer, you’ve probably amassed lots of small baubles, tools, and crafting supplies. And you can use a Råskog Cart to keep those treasures organized. What’s nice? Since the cart is an open-storage system, you can see everything you have at once. So you won’t have to worry about a fun find disappearing in the back of a drawer.