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Calling All Friends Fans—IKEA Just Recreated the Iconic Living Room

IKEA Friends Living Room

Courtesy of IKEA 

There truly is nothing you can't find at IKEA. The Scandinavian furniture and décor giant recently proved this (in case you needed more evidence) by recreating a few iconic living rooms from popular television shows using only IKEA products.

As part of an ad campaign running in the United Arab Emirates, IKEA and ad agency Publicis Spain launched the "Real Life Series." The campaign includes living rooms from Friends, Stranger Things, and The Simpsons reimagined with IKEA furnishings and décor, according to AdAge.

Choosing which culturally relevant shows to pull from was the biggest challenge of the advertising project, Eduardo Marques, the CCO of Publicis, tells AdAge. “We had a list of 60, so deciding these three was quite a hard decision to make," he says. Although it's really no surprise that Friends was among the chosen few.

Once the shows were selected, the real work began. The task of finding the perfect pieces to recreate such iconic and recognizable living spaces reportedly took months.

"The curious thing [we discovered] is that, actually, you can really find anything at IKEA," Marques points out (and we couldn't agree more). "Every object we needed to replace, we had more than three options at Ikea to use. So, the hard work was to select from all these options we had," he continues.

Although it was a challenge, the team behind this ad campaign was able to successfully redecorate spaces from all three shows, offering endless inspiration for your next home project.

If you're curious to see all of the famous living rooms decorated exclusively with IKEA finds, head to IKEA for inspiration from the Real Life Series. And because we know you're dying to turn your living room into Monica and Rachel's colorful, cozy space, keep scrolling to shop the look. The only problem now is figuring out how you're going to fit all this furniture in your apartment. Just remember to use Ross' technique: "Pivot. Pivot. Pivot. Pivot!"

Ektorp Loveseat
IKEA Ektorp Sofa $399.00

This neutral loveseat looks just like the white sofa found in the Friends apartment and it will fit in just about any space.

Björksnäs 5-Drawer Chest
IKEA Björksnäs 5-Drawer Chest $249.00

Use this birch wood chest for an innovative TV stand just like Monica and Rachel did in their living room.

Lack Coffee Table
IKEA Lack Coffee Table $30.00

The center of almost every living room is the coffee table. This simple one is perfect for holding decorative books, magazines, and drinks (so long as you use a coaster that Monica would approve of).

Remsta Armchair
IKEA Remsta Armchair $159.00

Add a pop of color to your living room with this yellow armchair. It resembles the one found in Monica and Rachel's living room by the large window.

Lövbacken Side Table
IKEA Lövbacken Side Table $60.00

Every living room could use a modern accent table to hold decorative pieces, plants, or everyday items and the Friends living room was filled with plenty.

Knappa Pendant Lamp
IKEA Pendant Lamp $27.00

Hang a chic pendant lamp in the living room for an instantly elevated look. The IKEA team styled a pendant in the hall in front of Monica's secretly messy closet.

Linnmon/Lalle Table
IKEA Linnmon/Lalle Table $100.00

If you have the space, this piece could work well as a console table. It's meant to replicate the long table in the Friends living room where books and other items are typically placed.

Sötholmen Cushion Cover
IKEA Sötholmen Cushion Cover $15.00

For the window seat found in the iconic living space, a textured knit throw pillow. It makes for a comfortable addition for when you're spying on "ugly naked guy."

Ektorp Armchair
IKEA Ektorp Armchair $599.00

This cushioned, traditional armchair is just waiting for you to plop down in it with a good book or a cup of coffee. And the cushions, otherwise known as the "essence of the chair," are so fluffy and comfortable, you'll never want to get up.

Märit Table Runner
IKEA Märit Table Runner $5.00

Display this neutral table runner on a console table in the living room to create an inviting, layered look like the one found in the hit comedy show's set.

Fejka Artificial Potted Plant
IKEA Artificial Potted Plant $6.00

This artificial potted plant requires zero maintenance and will stay looking fresh no matter how little natural light your apartment gets. Place it on an accent table for a pop of greenery in your living room.

Lillåsen Desk
IKEA Lillåsen Desk $179.00

A bamboo desk picked to match the small table in the hallway of Monica and Rachel's apartment, this simple piece of furniture is incredibly versatile. Use it as a desk or console table.

Sanela Cushion Cover
IKEA Sanela Cushion Cover $8.00

Fit to match the many yellow accents found in the Friends apartment, this velvet pillow in a light mustard hue is just the pop of color your living room has been needing.