This Sydney Gallery Is Inviting You to Take the Art off Its Walls

Updated 05/26/17

Why do we always whisper in art galleries? Is it because we think it’s a place of sacred worship? Or do we not want to draw unwanted glares from the ever-watching security guards? Both are likely. But most of all I think we believe we’re in the presence of greatness—that the art on the walls has painterly ears and can hear our every critique, how much we want to take each piece home, and where we would hang them if we could. Well, you can now raise your voice to a more audible volume because IKEA has just launched its first ever Removable Art Gallery exhibition. In a nutshell: It's shoppable. Attendees are invited to take any of the 12 limited edition posters (all $15 each) home, straight from the walls of the Art Gallery of New South Wales.

In an age where art is often perceived as an expensive luxury (we still have Dina Broadhurst on our wishlist), the IKEA Removable Art Gallery flips this idea by showcasing how accessible great art can be. IKEA found that one in three Australians think quality art is not affordable, and 68 percent believe a piece by a recognised artist would cost $1000 or more. That said, a whopping 91 percent believe art shouldn’t only be found in galleries, and that it belongs in the home. IKEA agrees, and will launch the limited edition Art Event 2017 collection into stores this June (so you don't have to live in Sydney to get amongst).

In the meantime, shop these pieces of affordable wall art below.

Art Club Concept x Kerrie-Ann Jones Enchanted $70

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