Sneak a Peek at IKEA's Brand-New Restaurant Remodels

We love IKEA. That's no secret, we know. While we adore the Swedish megastore for its budget-friendly furniture and decor, there are plenty of folks who would make the journey for IKEA's famed meatballs alone. Respect.

If you fall into the latter camp (or both, why the heck not?), there's some news from the IKEA camp that'll make the next trip even better. Nearly every restaurant located in their 40+ American locations is sporting a new look, or looks. 

The remodeled dining spaces were designed for three different shoppers in mind: the shopper on a mission who just needs a grab-and-go bite, families or groups looking to have a sit-down meal, and those in need of a peaceful respite and/or caffeine boost. To celebrate the shiny, new spaces, IKEA is opening their menu to shoppers between April 29 and May 1 with other specials and giveaways on offer, too.

Check online to see if your local IKEA is participating, and in the meantime, check out the new spaces below!

Shop some of the best designer-approved IKEA pieces now, and tell us: Are you a fan of IKEA?