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How to Make Your Home Look Expensive With Only $100 at IKEA

Hallway with bench

Since our eyes naturally gravitate toward those high-end pieces (call it a girl's prerogative), we've had to master the art of crafting a luxe look for less—these décor formulas, for example, always look expensive. The secret to decorating like a millionaire without spending like one is all in the high/low mix, and there's one brand we reach for every time to execute the stylish fusion: IKEA.

Loved by interior designers and home decorators alike, the popular Scandinavian brand is brimming with regret-free finds that make cheap look chic—this is the one thing we always buy. So in the true spirit of making the homes of our frugal sisters look fashionable, we compiled the top IKEA finds to upgrade every room for around $100 (or less in some cases).

Scroll through our selections, and get ready to elevate your home without putting a dent in your savings account.

The Kitchen

an all-white IKEA kitchen
Alyssa Rosenheck for Nashville Symphony Show House

As the hero of the home, your kitchen deserves a little upgrade. While some of our IKEA suggestions are aesthetically pleasing, for the most part, they serve a functional purpose. Who doesn't want a wooden kitchen cart? Your dinner guests will love them too.

IKEA Borghamn Handle
IKEA Borghamn 6" Handle, 2 Pack $13.00

Whether you're looking for affordable upgrades to make your rental look expensive or you want to make some tired kitchen cabinets look like new, a simple hardware switch-out is the perfect solution. These modern black handles will elevate any pantry in an instant.

IKEA Hyllis Shelf Unit
IKEA Hyllis Shelf Unit $15.00

If storage is lacking in your kitchen, add this handy and stylish shelf unit. It's perfect for housing those frequently used cooking ingredients such as spices, oils, and condiments.

IKEA Hultrap Hook, Pack of 5 $4.00

Hooks are an invaluable part of any kitchen. If you don't have them, then spend the $4 to hang these in yours. Their simple modern design would look good anywhere, but they're perfect for storing your kitchenware. Especially when those kitchen drawers are overflowing.

IKEA Grundtal Magnetic Knife Rack
IKEA Grundtal Magnetic Knife Rack $17.00

Always looking for a safe place to store your knife collection? Why not put it on display? This chic magnetic knife rack looks great and serves a super-practical purpose.

IKEA Kitchen cart
IKEA BEKVÄM Kitchen cart $60.00

This solid wood kitchen cart is ready to serve your daily needs. The handy wheels allow you to move it anywhere. Use it for extra storage, as a dishware rack, or as a handy serving station when guests come over.

Total Cost: $108 (Just over the $100 budget but the hardware is worth it.)

The Living Room

IKEA living room

The living room is where we relax, unwind, and indulge, so it deserves a few more luxuries to help you drift into that dream state. IKEA brings that fantasy to life without impacting your budget.

IKEA Lack Wall Shelf
IKEA Lack Wall Shelf, 43" x 10" $20.00

Your living room is a reflection of who you are and what you love, so make sure it's on display when guests come to stay. This simple shelf style lets your personal items shine without taking over. It's sleek and chic, not to mention insanely affordable.

IKEA Lövbacken Side Table
IKEA Lövbacken Side Table $60.00

Every living room needs a side table. This gorgeous midcentury version serves you in style. When it's not holding your beverage or coffee table book, it's looking damn fine just sitting pretty. 

Solleftea Floor Lamp
IKEA Solleftea Floor Lamp with Bulb $30.00

When you're having a moment relaxing on the sofa, the last thing you need is harsh fluorescent lights in your face. The soft glow of this elegant floor lamp will bring a calm state to any living space. 

Total Cost: $105

The Dining Room

IKEA—dining room
Alyssa Rosenheck ; DESIGN: Nomad Collective

Whether you're expecting guests or just enjoying your own company, the dining room should make every mealtime feel special. It doesn't need to cost you either. Just a few simple style adjustments will make all the difference.

IKEA Melodi Pendant Lamp
IKEA Melodi Pendant Lamp $10.00

A pendant lamp will elevate any dining table at the flick of a switch, and this one only sets you back $10. Its simple design is fuss-free and insanely chic. Who could refuse?

IKEA Frosta Stool
IKEA Kyrre Birch Stool $15.00

If you can't afford expensive dining room chairs yet, sprinkle in a few of these cheap stools. They're super sleek, and the perfect seat for adults and kids alike. 

IKEA Rens Sheepskin Rug
IKEA Rens Sheepskin Rug $30.00

To give your dining room some warmth, throw a stylish sheepskin rug over it—all the stylish girls have them.

IKEA Gradvis Vase
IKEA Gradvis Vase $10.00

Add that finishing touch with a vase and a single-stem flower. Pick them fresh from the garden outside, and bring some of nature in. Welcome the season in style.

IKEA Rörkär Flatwoven Rug
IKEA Rörkär Flatwoven Rug $25.00

Your dining room (no room, for that matter) is complete without a run. This stylish flat-weave pick is the perfect accompaniment to the side of any dining table. It's stylish yet durable enough to handle all the foot traffic—and any spills. 

Total Cost: $90

The Bathroom

IKEA bathroom

The bathroom is where you spend most of your time from the morning rush before work to that self-care beauty regimen to unwind each night. Even if your restroom is small, these handy IKEA products will make it seem bigger and add some much-needed updates. 

IKEA Ekoln Soap Dish
IKEA Ekoln Soap Dish $4.00

Don't leave your soap on the side to collect scum. Make sure you spend the $4 to keep it clean and away from the grime. 

IKEA Fryken Box With Lid Set of 3
IKEA Fryken Seagrass Box With Lid, Set of 3 $13.00

Store all your beauty products, hand towels, and spare accessories in these stylish baskets. They look so chic, and no one will know about your hoarding obsession.

IKEA Fullen Mirror With Shelf
IKEA Fullen Mirror With Shelf $15.00

Upgrading your mirror is crucial. While they're typically costly, this one will only set you back $15, and it even comes with a shelf. 

IKEA Fullen Mirror With Shelf
IKEA Kalkgrund Glass Shelf, 24" x 4" $15.00

Need a place to put all those body creams and beauty bottles? This shelf will store them and look pretty at the same time. 

IKEA Ragrund Chair With Towel Rack
IKEA Ragrund Chair With Towel Rack $50.00

Every restroom needs this chair. It's so chic it hardly looks like IKEA, and it stores your towels too. Genius. 

IKEA Toftbo Bathmat
IKEA Toftbo Bathmat $13.00

And last but certainly not least, make sure your bathroom has a plush bathmat. There's nothing more luxurious than getting out of the shower to stand on a soft mat. 

Total Cost: $110

The Bedroom

IKEA bedroom

Your master boudoir is the main event—of the house, that is. Creating a stylish cocoon to retire each night after a long, hard workday is just what the doctor ordered. Turning your bedroom into a whimsical space will only bring on the sweetest of dreams. And we all need that kind of slumber right now.

IKEA Mojna Lampshade
IKEA Mojna Pendant Lamp Shade $20.00

A utopian sleeping chamber can only be achieved when you set the right mood. This ethereal lampshade will bring that otherworldly element to your bedroom and dial up the enchantment. 

IKEA Frebro Mirror $9.00

Every bedroom needs a full-length mirror, and this infinity style is only $9. Who can argue with that price? 

IKEA Ofelia Vass Duvet Cover and Pillow Case
IKEA Ofelia Vass Queen Duvet Cover and Pillow Case $40.00

Do you know that utopian feeling you get when you slip under the covers of freshly washed linens? It's addictive. Make sure your sheets are fresh and sleep-worthy and invest in a new set. This one won't break the bank either.

Total Cost: $73

The Entryway

IKEA entryway

It's the first impression people have of your home, so it deserves an upgrade, right? The entryway is where you showcase your favorite objects and set the tone for the rest of the space. So it's time to make it count. It doesn't need to cost a lot; in fact, most of it can be repurposed from sentimental pieces you already have, but we found two IKEA items that will make your entry Insta-worthy.

IKEA Skogsta Bench $79.00

Every entry needs a bench, and this one has just the right amount of style and purpose. 

Total Cost: $69