8 Insanely Cool Rooms That Started With an IKEA Area Rug

You know that feeling when you unearth a killer deal at a designer sample sale? Swiping your card always feels extra sweet when you know you’re paying a quarter of the price for something that’ll look deceptively chic. We get a similar thrill out of spotting an IKEA staple in a beautiful home—it’s like spotting a beautiful pair of shoes in the street and finding out they’re on sale at Zara right now.

Inexpensive elegance is hard to create, but we’ve rounded up eight rooms that prove you don’t need to spend a lot to give your home a sophisticated flair. Sometimes all it takes is a little clever thrifting and a beautiful IKEA area rug. Get your add-to-cart buttons ready—we bet you’ll want to re-create these high/low looks in your own home.