5 Shipping And Delivery Facts for Devout IKEA Fans

Ikea Living Room—Ikea Shipping

 Courtesy of Ikea

The chorus of shoppers singing IKEA's praises has hit plenty of high notes over the years. IKEA has cemented itself as one of the few places where budget-friendly prices intertwine with effortless style, and that's why this store is so often uttered by everyone from high-profile designers to everyday interior enthusiasts. 

But if there's one detail where IKEA's praises tend to fall flat, it's usually the stress involved with shipping. Since IKEA has built its business on the premise that shoppers will carry out boxes of furnishings and assemble everything on their own, the brand's history of delivering items is rocky, at best. Items have notoriously taken a long time to appear at customer doors, and often at a steep price. And even if you could rent a truck to deliver their furniture to your home yourself, it's understandable if this option isn't that appealing—especially if you have to drive on busy city streets.

But thankfully, times are changing. IKEA has adapted some positive shifts to its shipping processes, and these solutions should make it easier to get its praise-worthy pieces to your home. Read on to see the five tips you need to know about IKEA shipping, and soon you'll have yet another reason to love this store. 

Small Packages Often Ship for $5

Where: Online

If you've fallen in love with a small product on IKEA's website and you don't feel like wandering through the store's well-known maze to get it, then it's possible you can have it delivered to your home for a shipping cost as low as $5. 

Although IKEA's website doesn't specify what "small" entails, and advises customers that the shipping cost may be more (depending on your distance from the warehouse and your desired delivery time), we'd assume that "small" is anything that can be described as an accessory: drawer fixtures, coffee table vignettes, and kitchen utensils, perhaps.

Large Items Ship for $49

Where: Online

Larger products that you've bought online can be delivered to your home or office for a flat delivery fee of $49, but that rate may be adjusted according to how far the desired address is from IKEA's distribution center. Since it is a flat fee, you can have a number of items shipped together under this classification. 

Mirror—Ikea Shipping
IKEA Ikornnes $129

Home Delivery Starts at $49

Where: In-Store

Let's say that you've purchased furniture at your local IKEA store, but you don't have a way to bring it home. IKEA will deliver these items by truck to your address starting at $49. Once again, that price is adjusted for how far your place is from your local IKEA.

Keep in mind that you will be given a delivery date for these items and that IKEA does keep four-hour delivery windows. Remember, too, that you'll need to specify which room to place the items in.

SOFA—Ikea shipping
IKEA Finnala $1169

Pay Someone to Shop and Ship for You

Where: In-Store

What if you have an entire shopping list of products that you'd like to buy, but you don't have the time or horsepower to get it all to your door? In that case, it's possible to select the "Picking with Delivery" service at IKEA, where an independent service provider gets every item on your shopping list and delivers it to your home or office. This solution starts at a fee of $69 and varies based on your zip code. 

Most items can be delivered by the next day, but you can also request items to be delivered in the same week or at a future date. When the items make it to your door, they'll be placed in a room of your choice.

Hire a TaskRabbit

Where: In-Store

As of 2017, you can get all of your shopping and assembly done easily by using IKEA's TaskRabbit service. This service platform will connect you to a network of independent taskers in your area that can make your life easier by shopping for your items and assembling them.

Hiring a TaskRabbit is a more expensive option, since you'll be paying TaskRabbit's daily rate as well as for the IKEA products. To save time, you could request TaskRabbit to pick up items and not shop for them. Or, you could have the IKEA products delivered to your door, and then hire TaskRabbit to build them in your home. 

Table—Ikea Shipping
IKEA Mockelby Table $629

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