These 14 Hacks for the IKEA Spice Rack Are Too Cool Not to Try

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Over the years, IKEA has gone from an affordable décor destination to the birthplace of chic DIY projects. Whether it's the starting point for a really good Billy bookcase hack or your first stop in overhauling a Kura bed, the Swedish home goods superstore is known for providing single products with endless possibilities. So, the fact that a seemingly unassuming spice rack can be more than just a dumping ground for salt and pepper should be of no surprise to anyone. 

While it's without a doubt great at its intended use, IKEA's Pinterest-famous BEKVAM rack has also been known to double as everything from a toddler closet to a space-saving bookshelf. And the best part is you don't have to be a Pinterest enthusiast or particularly handy to execute any of them.

Ahead, 14 seriously ingenious ways to repurpose the wooden wonder, making it work for any space and size—no power tools needed.

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Use It as a Catchall

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While the BEKVAM rack is advertised as a shelf with a bar across to keep spices neatly aligned and prevent dropping, flipping it upside-down doubles its usage. Use what is technically the bottom as an open shelf to lay your most used items and the bar as a rack for hanging everything from keys to hangers.

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Repurpose It as a Towel Rack

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Convert your bathroom into an at-home spa by stocking your spice rack with essentials, such as cotton balls and Q-tips, and hang a towel over the bar for guests to dry their hands. It makes for a stylish and convenient caddy that keeps all your most-used items in a single place and within reach.

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Double Your Storage With S Hooks

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Some S-hooks along your spice rack bar make it easy to hang items you want to keep within reach. Line them up along the bar (when you install your spice rack upside-down) and hang up anything from a plant to produce or tools and shopping bags.

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Use Them to Organize Your Ribbon Collection

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If you're the crafty type that's struggling with an organization system and keeping your ribbons within reach, the IKEA spice racks come to the rescue again. Place them right side up and line your ribbons up with the ends toward you. Extra credit for color coordination.

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Make It an Adorable Box

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The structure of the BEKVAM rack is pretty unbeatable—it's easy to hang, boasts a no-fuss design, and is impossibly sturdy. This makes it the perfect candidate for an additional facade. Attaching a single panel to the outside, with glue or a single nail, completely transforms the look of this standard product.

Try customizing it with your name or your favorite quote.

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DIY a Tiny Bookcase

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Whether it's in a baby nursery, a toddler's room, or your studio apartment, the famous IKEA spice rack makes an excellent book storage shelf. Stand your books facing forward, for both aesthetic and easy locating. We love the idea of stacking the racks from floor to ceiling to double as storage and wall décor.

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Make an Accessory Holder

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If there's one thing we never seem to have enough of, it's accessory storage solutions. Installing your spice rack upside down with the bar exposed makes for the perfect hanging storage. This nursery repurposes the rack as a bonnet organizer but we have plenty of other ideas for making it work in our grown-up spaces. Think: necklaces, bracelets, and so much more.

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Organize Small Items

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Whether it's your collection of essential oils, nail polishes, or craft paints, it can feel impossible to keep small vials in order and within reach. Consider your search for the perfect storage solution over. The BEKVAM rack is perfect for collections of all shapes and sizes.

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Double Your Closet Storage

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Behind-the-door storage is a genius solution for small closets because it makes use of space that would otherwise go unused. However, generic store-bought solutions don't always suit your specific needs. Luckily, a few IKEA spice racks can double your storage space and be customized to suit your needs.

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Create a Display

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Whether you're looking to show off worldly souvenirs, collectible items or sentimental pieces, this simple rack-turned-shelf is the perfect place to do it. Play with placement—offset vs. lined up, upside-down vs. right side up, you choose—and make it something you're proud to show off.

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Create a Photo Album Library

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Creating physical photo albums is quite the accomplishment, but actually finding a place to store them is half the battle. Creating a library of photo albums using the simple spice rack not only keeps them organized, but inspires frequent walks down memory lane.

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Create a Beauty Corner

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Whether you're working with limited bathroom counter space or an overflowing vanity, our favorite spice rack makes organization easier and chicer than ever. Take the minimal approach and install a rack to hold all your most-used products. Now you don't have to worry about face serums and body lotions cluttering your tiny sink space.

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DIY a Dressing Station

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If you're the type that gets lost in your closet and fumbles with accessories every morning, planning your outfit the night before would make a world of difference. An upside down spice rack is the perfect place to hang your clothes for the next day and even park your jewelry, hair accessories, and anything else you need to get dressed in the morning.

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Amp Up a Gallery Wall

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If you're working on beefing up a gallery wall, it's important to think outside the picture frame. Items in different shapes, sizes, textures, and depths make for a truly interesting composition. We love how this setup incorporates these wooden spice racks as both a shelf and an element of interest, and the best part is the creator took customization to the next level by staining the wood in a darker wash.