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The ONE Thing I Always Buy From IKEA (It Starts at $6)

IKEA stool next to white bed.

If there's one thing I love more than IKEA, it's an IKEA hack. Why? Because it combines my beloved affordable décor brand with one of my favorite pastimes: DIY. What could possibly be better than a multitasking product that works just as hard as you do? Clearly, you agree with me, or you wouldn't have clicked through to read this story.

So just what is this magical item I love so dearly? The IKEA stool, of course. This humble seat might be simple by design, but its purpose is anything but, which is why it's at the top of my shopping list whenever I go to the warehouse. From my dining room to my entryway, the IKEA stool in its many shapes, colors, and styles has many uses beyond its original function.

So in honor of this modest décor, I've listed a few of the ways in which I've put it to task around my own home. You'll want one in every room too. Oh, and did we mention it's also super affordable? There's a stool to suit every salary.

As a Dining Chair

IKEA stool—Fantastic Frank
Fantastic Frank

While I love nothing more than a dining room with grand chairs, sometimes small spaces don't allow such luxuries. That's when the IKEA stool comes in handy. This cork-topped Sinnerlig stool (which is sadly unavailable) looks super chic in this tiny combined kitchen and dining space. It really adds a dose of texture and visual interest.

As a Plant Stand

Nothing breaks up the monotony of space quite like greenery. It adds a fresh perspective and a foolproof way to brighten up any dull interior. The IKEA step stool doubles as the ideal plant stand. We spotted this cute idea on Curate & Display, and now we simply must have one for ourselves. If you want to incorporate a little more Mother Nature into the look, try Burkatron's IKEA hack, which transforms the brand's popular Marius stool (which is only $6) into a decorative plant stand or side table—whichever you prefer. So cool.

As an Office Chair

IKEA stool—home office
Fantastic Frank

The IKEA stool also doubles as a great chair for a size-challenged home office. While it doesn't appear very ergonomic at first, the backless style has the potential to enhance your posture since you have nothing to sink into. It's small enough to be tucked under the desk to maximize floor space when not in use. If you're not a fan of the look, then upgrade to the industrial Kullaberg style. It's my personal fave.

As a Nightstand

IKEA stool—Nightstand Ideas
Sara Medina Lind

If like me, you use reading as a sleeping pill, then the IKEA stool will be your new nightstand. It doubles as a great resting spot for your books, cup of water, spectacles, or decorative objects. Adding some flowers or simple greenery next to your bed will also help to infuse the snooze. 

As an Entryway Rest

IKEA stool—Entryway design
Fantastic Frank

If you're always rushing out the door, then you'll need one of these stools in your entryway too. It's the perfect seat for putting on your shoes or resting your handbag while you help the kids put on theirs. It also doubles as the ideal resting spot while you wait for everyone to get ready. It looks stylish too.

As a Kitchen Step

Every single kitchen needs a step stool, and the IKEA Bekväm style seems to be the most popular. It has a sturdy base and a neutral colorway that you can paint yourself or in this case from Liz Marie, distress to give it a timeworn patina that blends in nicely with her stunning shabby chic kitchen.

As a Bathroom Stand

IKEA stool—Bathroom organization
Fantastic Frank

There are so many reasons why a stool makes sense in the bathroom, especially next to a bathtub. It is the perfect resting place for all of your needs—body scrub, hand towel, cleansing wipes, soaps—and it looks stylish while it patiently waits too. 


IKEA Bekväm Step Stool in Black $20.00
IKEA Marius Stool $6.00
IKEA Skogsta Stool
IKEA Skogsta Stool $25.00
IKEA Flisat Children's Stool
IKEA Flisat Children's Stool $18.00
IKEA Kullaberg
IKEA Kullaberg $49.00
IKEA Bekväm Step Stool in White $20.00