The Most Versatile IKEA Piece Every Home Needs

IKEA vases
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Whether you're a fan of minimalistic design or are a maximalist at heart, there's one thing we can all agree on: Clutter doesn't belong in your home. Not only is it bad for your health, but it's a productivity roadblock. Despite science saying messy people are smarter, for most of us, getting anything done in untidy surroundings feels impossible. Since most of us don't have time to keep the house tidy every day, we'll let you in on a little secret: IKEA storage (every stylish girl owns one of these, for example). Our favorite kinds of storage are the multiuse pieces that fuse fashion and function. While they serve a practical purpose on the inside, they look elegant and stylish on the outside. It's the sneaky variety we love best. Ready to get started? Discover our favorite versatile IKEA storage pieces that are so much more than just a pretty face. 

As a stylish side table
IKEA Kvistbro Storage Table
IKEA Kvistbro Storage Table $60

This trendy table is another example of stylish storage. Have it handy by the sofa to stash all your throws and pillows for an easy grab when you want to Netflix and chill. It looks just as stylish when it's empty for that minimalistic look.

IKEA PS 2014 Storage Table
IKEA PS 2014 Storage Table $69

This one would look great in the kids' room with its bright colors. This versatile piece has unique space-saving trays that stack and form a table with storage in each. 

IKEA Kvistbro Storage Table
IKEA Kvistbro Storage Table $70

This one is new to the IKEA storage family, and it's a super-stylish upgrade of its smaller but no-less-stylish sister. 

As a chic basket
IKEA Flådis Seagrass Basket
IKEA Flådis Seagrass Basket $19

How beautiful is this seagrass basket? And it's a steal at $19. Leave this stunner by the entryway to house your scarves and winter hats, or in the bathroom for laundry.

IKEA Branas Rattan Laundry Basket
IKEA Branas Rattan Laundry Basket $40

Rattan baskets are one of our favorite ways to store miscellaneous items. Their texture adds much-needed character and visual interest to any space. This one would be the perfect highlight piece of any lonely laundry corner.

IKEA Knipsa Seagrass Basket
IKEA Knipsa Seagrass Basket $15

Since it's woven with natural seagrass, every basket is unique, which is why it's one of the retailer's most popular pieces. We see this storage item everywhere, and we adore it. It can stand alone, but it really shines when grouped together in an IKEA Kallax Shelf Unit.

IKEA Branäs Rattan Basket
IKEA Branäs Rattan Basket $13

We love this basket for its unique rattan weave and natural color. It looks great on its own or tucked under a bathroom sink. Use it to stash your beauty products or spare hand towels in the guestroom.

As a sleek bed frame
IKEA Malm High Bed Frame With Storage
IKEA Malm High Bed Frame With Storage $354

When it comes to designing your bedroom, the less you have to distract your slumber, the better. IKEA has a plethora of minimalistic bed frames that come with storage baskets or drawers underneath. Now that's furniture that works hard for the money.

IKEA Brimnes Bed Frame With Storage
IKEA Brimnes Bed Frame With Storage $249

If you prefer a minimalistic bed frame, opt for the Brimnes that leaves off the headboard. It comes with four large drawers for extra storage under the bed. Think of all the books you could stash.

IKEA Hemnes Bed Frame With 4 Storage boxes
IKEA Hemnes Bed Frame With 4 Storage boxes $399

If you're looking for something a little more traditional, this Hemnes frame will satisfy your craving for a Colonial aesthetic. It comes equipped with practical storage drawers to keep an extra pillow, comforter, or bedspread.

IKEA Brimnes Bed Frame With Storage and Headboard
IKEA Brimnes Bed Frame With Storage and Headboard $419

This is the upgrade from the Brimnes frame we featured earlier, and it comes with a fancy headboard. They each have similar storage, but the benefit of this comes in the top shelf of the headboard, which has holes for the cords of your lamps or phone chargers.

As a dressy bench
IKEA Stuva Storage Bench
IKEA Stuva Storage Bench $65

Is it a seat, or is it storage? Well, in this case, it's both. This seamless bench opens up into two drawers to house kids' toys and miscellaneous items. You can even buy the Vissla bench pad attachment to turn the bench into soft, comfortable seating. 

IKEA Applarö Storage Bench
IKEA Applarö Storage Bench $70

This one is for the outdoors. Not only is it great for storing spare towels by the pool or clippers for the garden, but it can double as an extra seat when people come over.

IKEA Mackapar Storage Bench
IKEA Mackapar Storage Bench $60

This gorgeous storage would brighten any kids' room. The kids will squabble over who gets to sit on it, while you get to hide their toys, books, cushions, and blankets under the lid. 

IKEA Silverån Storage Bench
IKEA Silverån Storage Bench $50

Put this pretty in the bathroom. It has ample space inside for towels and other bathroom necessities. You can sit on it when clipping your nails and brushing your hair. 

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