Ditch the Hacks: This Is How 4 Designers Make IKEA Look Expensive

For the creatives among us, wandering the aisles at IKEA ignites a torrent of DIY ideas: The store's bookcases beg to be turned into bar carts, white desks can be transformed with new midcentury-modern legs, and a coat of paint would work wonders to transform a dresser. The "after" images always look impressive, but if you're not the handiest among us, they can also seem a tad out of reach (this Craiglist ad proves DIY projects don't always go as planned). 

If you're not DIY-inclined, there are still a few smart ways to transform IKEA finds. According to interior designers Elizabeth Lawson, Ohara Davies-Gaetano, Shannon Wollack, and Brittany Zwickl, the secret is all in the way you style them. With the right high/low mix and careful positioning, IKEA products can look like a million bucks. 

Put away your tool kit—these designer-approved styling tricks instantly elevate IKEA décor. 

Have a styling tip to share? Tell us how you strike the high/low balance at home.