The One Item You'll Want From IKEA's New Summer 2017 Collection


Courtesy of IKEA

This year, IKEA is taking a strict departure from their signature minimalist aesthetic for its Summer 2017 collection. Brimming with bamboo furniture, rattan baskets, and colorful, Southeast Asia–inspired prints, the outdoor collection is refreshingly light-hearted and a touch bohemian.

"With summer around the corner, IKEA is encouraging everyone to say goodbye to routine and hello to freedom and spontaneity," reads their press release. "The 2017 [collection] is all about stepping outside of the norms and doing things a bit differently."

Embedded within their product launch is their limited-edition JASSA collection, which was inspired by Indonesian and Southeast Asian design and "encourages bending of the rules." Five designers immersed themselves in Indonesian and Vietnamese handicrafts to garner inspiration, creating a collection that is vibrant, eclectic, and everything summer.

Shop our favorite pieces from the new collection below, and share your thoughts on IKEA's new style in the comments!