Would You Pay $88,000 for Vintage IKEA Chairs?

Updated 05/30/17
Brooke Testoni

Remember what your grandparents' first home looked like? Here at MyDomaine Australia we can confidently say ours generally replicated that from The Nanny (plastic over the couches and all). Well, prepare yourself, because the rise in obsessing over mid- to late-century décor doesn't look like it’s slowing down just yet. Domain Australia has reported that the Scandinavian online auction platform Barnebys just sold a pair of vintage IKEA armchairs for a staggering $88,000. “When a new generation becomes financially established and begins to trade at an auction, they usually start to buy what they saw around them when growing up,” Barnebys co-founder Pontus Silverstolpe said. The Åke armchairs from the '50s were listed with "minor blemishes" but it goes to show that the demand for vintage décor is just that, demanding.

Scroll down to see the similar style we found that doesn't cost more than a brand-new car.

Courtesy of Barnebys

Vintage IKEA

IKEA Åke armchairs that sold at auction.

Similar Style

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