Find Out Why Everyone Is Freaking Out About This Meatless Burger

The most groundbreaking dishes in the world are no longer coming from the storied kitchens of Paris; Modena, Italy; or San Sebastian, Spain. The future of food is being etched in Silicon Valley, where a group of visionary startups are shaping a new culinary frontier.

Leading the charge is Impossible Foods, a company whose plant-based raw “meat” already has some major figures in the industry buzzing. One world-class chef was particularly blown away by the company’s meatless burger, which looks (and apparently tastes) just like the real thing.
In an Instagram post showcasing what’s being called the Impossible Burger, Momofuku’s David Chang wrote: “Today I tasted the future and it was vegan: this burger was juicy/bloody and had real texture like beef. But more delicious and way better for the planet. I can't really comprehend its impact quite yet...but I think it might change the whole game.”

That’s high praise for someone whose cuisine is as meat-centric as Chang’s. Other early backers of Impossible foods include investors Bill Gates and Google Ventures, as well as noted foodie Questlove, who took to Instagram to praise the product’s environmental benefits. 

“Not *veggie burger* uses 99% less land, 85% less water, emits 89% less greenhouse gasses---but above all tastes better than ALL BURGERS,” the effusive bandleader wrote underneath a video of some patties on a grill. 

The recipe for the miracle meat is being kept tightly under wraps, though we do know that honeydew and coconut are part of the equation. According to Food & Wine magazine, Impossible Foods plans to launch the Impossible Burger in select cities this July.

Learn more about Chang’s culinary prowess with a copy of the Momofuku cookbook, and let us know if you plan on trying the Impossible Burger when it debuts this summer.