Memory Decline at 30 Is Real—Play These Brain Games Daily

Want to know a scary fact? A 60-year-old brain takes in information two to three times slower than a 20-year-old brain. Want to know an even scarier fact? Michael Merzenich, PhD, a professor in the Keck Center for Integrative Neurosciences at the University of California at San Francisco, says that this inevitable decline begins before the age of 30.

Before you become totally overwhelmed by that bleak outlook, let us remind you that it’s never too late to learn new (brain) tricks. It’s really all about developing techniques that keep your mind active and your attention focused on a regular basis, such as playing games to teach your mind techniques that help boost memory generation and retention. While it’s awesome that there is a plethora of apps available for brain training (Lumosity is our fave), we selected games that you could play even if you were stranded on a desert island. Read on and kiss those premature “senior moments” goodbye.