In the Mood: Nouveau Barrag

Lauren Geremia traces her current penchant for what she deems "the new organic modernism" back to New Year's Eve in Mexico City: "I fell in love with Luis Barragán's work and it started my year off on a new foot," the 30-year-old principal of SF interiors firm Geremia Design says."With its warm vibrant colors opposite slabs and slivers of light, everything is simplified to its most pure shape." For Geremia, this translates to an emphasis on metals, marble and wood. "Technology is so intense and the world is moving so fast, that I think people are wanting something reliable: materials that are sturdy and show grain and sediment or feel like they're made from the earth," says the RISD alum, who has put her mark on a slew of high-profile Silicon Valley office spaces, including Instagram, Dropbox, Path, and most recently, YouSendIt. These days she's focusing on residential projects on both coasts, art consulting, and the December launch of her own lighting line.

AHA MOMENT: "I saw Barragán's house and some of his monuments, and I felt like his work could be relevant in any sort of time, like it was designed yesterday," she says.

THE CROSSOVER: "I am trying to evolve with materials, color, and light, but remain true to some of the eclectic comfort in my previous work," says Geremia of her inspiration's influence. "The reclaimed wood trend has been so intense in the past five years, that finding ways to keep that warmth but kind of move on is really satisfying."

DO TRY THIS AT HOME: "Right now things are transitioning out of this incredibly rustic style," says Geremia. "It's about keeping things pretty organic, but having the shapes be more severe or futuristic." To update your space, Geremia advises sticking to authentic materials, but embracing extreme silhouettes, such as Field's soapstone triangle bookends and Haus Interior's Wood Tripod Floor Lamp. "It feels earthy, but has a sharp design to it, " she says of the latter. "It could go with a modern chair and soften up the room."

Shop all of Lauren Geremia's inspired-by picks in the curated collection below.

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