These Are the Top 2 Foods Ina Garten Always Keeps in Her Kitchen

eggs, asparagus, and bacon
Half Baked Harvest

You'd be hard-pressed to find a home cooking and entertaining enthusiast who doesn't adore The Barefoot Contessa, Ina Garten. The entrepreneuria celebrity chef and Food Network star has deconstructed the recipe to preparing gourmet cuisine while simultaneously keeping guests and their appetites amused—so when the culinary Countess answered some of Bon Appétit's most burning questions, we were all ears.

Between working on her forthcoming cookbook and traveling the world to stock up on fresh ingredients, Garten dished on a few of her favorite food-related things (plus one she can't stand), including the two items she always stocks in her fridge and the one kitchen tool she can't live without.

Ready to keep your kitchen Contessa-worthy? Garten reveals that butter and eggs are absolute staples in her refrigerator and that she always has a rasp grater within reach. "I love the zest of citrus fruit," she explains, "and actually now I do garlic on the rasp because it grates it so finely."

As if amateur cooks weren't already scarfing down the former White House staffer's every word of wisdom, Garten officially validated every millennial's obsession with avocado, calling the healthy fruit her favorite summer ingredient.

To find out Garten's go-to summer drink, the restaurant she always visits in Paris, her favorite song to cook to, and more, read the full interview over at Bon Appétit.

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