3 Ways To Incorporate Pattern into Your D

Integrating pattern into any space not only breaks up blocks of color, but it can also add an element of dimension and interest. Incorporating patterns can be a tricky business: either people get too caught up in trendy designs that unfortunately don't stand the test of time, or they are too nervous to use anything but the faintest hint of print. My advice is to keep it simple and choose a design or two that is reflective of your taste while still classic, and keeps with the style of your home. 3 Ways to Incorporate Patterns into Your Decor
How to Incorporate Pattern into Your Decor For Maximum Impact: If you want to go full force, introduce a pattern on your drapes to create a strong focal point, as drapes are often the largest vertical element in a room. If you're brave, a patterned sofa or pair of lounge chairs is another way to make a big statement. Those of you who are daring enough to have serious fun can actually mix multiple patterns in one space. The rule here is to avoid using two patterns that are the same scale; they will compete with each other and can be alarming to the eye. See more of my tips on mixing patterns here. Midnight Ikat Chair, $1498, Anthropologie
How to Incorporate Pattern into Your Decor For A Taste: In bedrooms, I like to use headboards that have a simplistic pattern and contrast it with crisp white bedding in order to avoid overloading the space with too many patterns. This way, you'll still get a dose of fun, but maintain a soothing, spa-like look. In any room, rugs are the perfect way to incorporate a dose of pattern into a room as they ground the space and work well with neutral pieces. Façade Motif Bed, $599, CB2
How to Incorporate Pattern into Your Decor For The Beginner: If you are afraid to use pattern on a large scale, introduce accessories such as pillows, throws, and lamp shades; it's an effortless way to add flare to your room. Remember, accessories can be changed at any time, giving you the benefit of flexibility without the commitment of a pattern that you may be tired of in a year. Les Touches Pillow, from $78, Arianna Belle
We want to know! Do you like to have pattern in your home or do you prefer neutral spaces? Sound off in the comments below. estee-signature-layout Photograph: MMR Interiors