This Inspiring Home Trend Brings the Outdoors In


Courtesy of JJ Locations

Temperatures are dropping and leaves are falling, and for some, that can mean the arrival of the autumn blues. Despair not, however: We have a couple of solutions for conquering them. Many simple joys come along with the cooling temperatures: the smell of stews simmering on the stovetop, the brisk walks in the chill air, the cozy feeling if wrapping yourself up in a snug cashmere blanket. And if you follow our clever tricks, the lack of light and greenery will become a non-issue.

You may be packing up your patio and heading indoors, but there are easy ways to bring the outdoors in and give yourself the illusion of #foreversummer at home. With the help of a few well-placed plants and clever furniture choices, you can create your very own evergreen sanctuary to take you through the colder months without going stir crazy. Time to bring the outdoors in and get ready for your best fall season yet—cozy bliss awaits.

Open Up Your Windows One Last Time



Courtesy of One Fine Stay

Before it's truly too cold to crack open a window, let the fresh air flow through your home one last time. There's nothing like the crisp fall air to give you an extra dose of energy on a brisk day. In fact, we recommend doing the same on mild winter days—fresh air is good for the soul and for your home.