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16 Indoor-Outdoor Room Ideas Perfect for Creating a Cohesive Space



When it comes to styling and furnishing your home, why not bring the outdoors in? You can make both your indoor and outdoor spaces as functional as possible and figure out how to style in a way that perfectly blends the two.

No matter what kind of outdoor space you may have access to in your home, we've got 21 ideas that are sure to inspire creativity. Read on to see how to bring the outdoors in, and bring some indoor décor elements outside with ease.

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Open Up Your Walls

Living room with open door to outside

Ashley Montgomery Design

Let the sunshine, breezes, and open air into your home firstly by adding a way to open up your walls. This could come in the form of sliding doors, or as seen here, an opening from the wall to the outdoor space. This connects the two areas of the home seamlessly and allows the spaces to coincide.

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Stick With a Similar Color Story

Indoor and outdoor pool area

Devon Grace Interiors

Indoor-outdoor spaces need cohesion, and keeping a similar color scheme from inside to out will ensure both spaces connect. Here, the warm gray and wood tones inside complement the neutral chairs and vast trees outdoors.

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Add a Rug


Studio KT

A rug is a surefire way to warm up any area in your home. Plus, it's a landing area for wet shoes or anything else you don't want to bring indoors quite yet. If it's going to be in a high-traffic area, go for an indoor-outdoor or washable rug.

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Create a Plant Wall


True Home

We've said it once, and we will say it again: there is no such thing as too many plants. To maximize floor space (and walking space) try creating a plant wall with metal hangers that suspend the pots mid-air. This won't only liven up your space, but it will also ensure that your plants get the light they need, as they'll basically be outdoors.

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Design a Greenhouse


Ursula Carmona of Home Made by Carmona

If you have the space outdoors, why not make a mini greenhouse? Not only will your plants get the light they need, but it will also protect them from extreme weather and temperature changes. You could even create a potting station inside.

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Get Creative with Window Coverings


Kaelyn Guerin

If you want to bring in some outdoor breezes into your home, consider something like shutters or blinds instead of curtains. Not only will they hold up longer than curtains, they also offer a more permanent privacy solution for you and your family. Shutters can add a vintage touch, too.

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Make a Hanging Divider


Turquoise and Tobacco

For those who want to delineate their landscaping from their porch, try incorporating a boundary that sets apart the exterior from the interior. To make a visual divide without cluttering up the space, try using hanging planters as a focal point. They will add some green to the empty space while also offering up a little bit more privacy.

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Bring the Outdoors In


Kirsten Diane

There is no better way to bring the outdoors in than to add some plants to your home. Plants give a much-needed boost to any interior, and they'll bring a naturalistic element that is reminiscent of the great outdoors.

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Enclose Outdoor Space


Kirsten Diane

Make your outdoor space feel a bit more like an interior by adding a dramatic door. Enclosing the space not only gives you some privacy, but it can create a seating area or gathering place for your family and friends. Plus, this slatted wood look is beautifully Scandi-chic.

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Double Up on Lighting


Dwell Aware

Who says outdoor lighting can't be gorgeous? Hanging a pendant light will illuminate your entire outdoor area, and adding an additional sconce will keep you from trying to find the keyhole for 15 minutes on dark nights.

Adding standout lighting outdoors is a way to mirror the high-touch look of your interior.

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Hang Your Seating


Dwell Aware

A hanging chair or swing could be the answer to fitting in seating that's both comfortable and functional outdoors. We love how cozy this hanging egg chair is nestled in the corner of this entryway. Looks like the perfect spot to enjoy a morning coffee.

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Go Monochrome


Jenn Pablo Studio

For an indoor-outdoor space that looks like it goes on (and on, and on...) opt for a monochrome look. Match your curtains, flooring, and wall color, and it'll look like your space goes on for days—and is straight out of a luxurious mansion.

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Add Floor to Ceiling Windows


Jenn Pablo Studio

If you've got big windows in your indoor-outdoor space, why not embrace them? You can leave them uncovered if you won't be using the space for much more than walking through, and it will allow some gorgeous light into your home, too. Plus, you get to enjoy uninterrupted views of the great outdoors this way.

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Install a Fireplace



If you have the space, make your outdoor space function like another living room. Adding a fireplace will not only keep the space warm, but it's a way to bring the outdoors in, making the transitional space feel even more inviting.

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Blend Together the Indoors and Outdoors



Sometimes, a harsh barrier can take away from a space that's both connected to your home and the outdoors. By creating a space that seamlessly goes from one to the other, you'll not only feel at home in both places, but your home will look more cohesive. Think of carrying elements like lanterns, lighting, or flooring into your yard for an effortless blend of styles.

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Keep it Zen



At the end of the day, any indoor-outdoor space needs to work for you. By creating a space that's calming and functional, you get the best of both worlds: a place to stop and take a deep breath, and a space that helps you get out the door efficiently. Minimize clutter by only adding a small chair and a couple of plants instead of creating trip hazards with too much décor.