We're Obsessed With These Industrial Kitchens—Are You?

Updated 05/04/19

Industrial spaces are all about honoring the architectural bones of a building, and perhaps more importantly, playing with proportion and scale. Since this style of design comes most naturally to converted warehouses or old telephone offices and factories, there's typically an open plan involved. Think dramatically high ceilings and large windows all for one expansive unit that incorporates everything from the entryway to the kitchen, the dining area, and the living room. But since each room is supposed to boast a different functionality, creating cohesion and seamless transitions can be tricky.

This is especially true when it comes to decorating the kitchen. How do you make it bold yet minimal, elegant yet livable, and approachable yet refined?

Well, as it turns out, industrial kitchens are incredibly versatile, and they leave plenty of room for experimenting with other styles. In fact, as any true lover of industrial design knows, there are a plethora of sub-styles and directions to take to customize the look. And this is true even if you're not working within a loft or open plan space; it just means mixing in lots of found objects and raw materials. To see how you can give your industrial kitchen a farmhouse feel, a modern twist, a luxe undertone, a Victorian-like aesthetic, or an eclectic vibe, scroll through the five spaces below.

Exposed piping, brick, and beams, plus cement flooring and lots of steel await you.

Modern Meets Industrial

an industrial kitchen
Julia Robbs Photography

A more refined take on the industrial kitchen look is easy to achieve if you also include more formal textures like marble. So while the one pictured above features cement floors, metal, and exposed piping, the black marble countertops and the backsplash dress things up, and they bring the converted loft space into a more modern setting and style. The same goes for the stools, which borrow traditional industrial shapes and structures, but they look a bit more contemporary and well-suited for today.

The décor on the kitchen island does a nice job of adding a touch of modernity without throwing off the industrial aesthetic.

Traditional Meets Industrial

Industrial Kitchen
Space Exploration Design

We love how this kitchen mixes traditional Victorian-esque accents with the original industrial features of the space, as well as the functional pieces like the oven hood and the stove (no industrial space is complete without at least one metal or iron element). The use of hardwood floors, a wooden dining table, and open shelving bring in a rustic vibe, while the black painted cabinets and chairs make it feel simultaneously sleek and traditional. Perhaps the real statement is the artfully suspended light fixture.

And speaking of lighting, though there aren't any windows photographed, you can tell that there's plenty of natural light, which keeps it from looking too dark or too moody.

Eclectic Industrial

an industrial kitchen
ACP/Trunk Archive

Between the A-frame ceilings, the oversize pendant lights, and the old-school fireplace, we're not sure which part of this expansive room we like the most. Your eyes are instantly drawn to the architectural structure of the space rather than fixating on the walls, which are lined with a mix of counter spaces and cabinets on wheels. Though the kitchen is stylish and unique, it isn't overwhelming, and it doesn't detract from the more refined dining area and the cozy living room section in the back (yes, industrial rooms can be warm and cozy).

The eclectic mix of chairs around the table is also a highlight. It's the perfect example of form meets function.

Luxe Meets Industrial

a luxe industrial kitchen
JH Interior Design

Large windows, exposed beams and bricks, cement floors, and plenty of metal yield the perfect bones for an industrial kitchen. But when you add leather midcentury-modern seats, a glamorous chandelier, and fresh subway tiles, the space becomes so much more than that. So if you're looking for a way to make a kitchen with a lot of raw materials look more sophisticated and elegant, here's your answer. The large indoor plant in the corner livens things up and prevents it from feeling too austere.

Farmhouse Industrial

an farmhouse industrial kitchen
ACP/Trunk Archive

Even if you aren't working with a loft or an open plan, you can still incorporate some industrial style to give the kitchen more of an edge. We love the contrast between the white walls and the country-chic feel of this room, which is achieved by the eclectic mix of counters and textures like the black tile cabinets and the rustic wood kitchen island. The pendants also bring in plenty of unexpected intrigue, but they still feel like a cohesive addition to the mix.

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