10 Mind-Blowing Infinity Pools to Travel to Next

You've seen them while scrolling your Instagram. They've probably given you a major case of wanderlust or caused you to do a deep dive of travel websites to find out where to experience one for yourself. Yes, infinity pools have the same social-media appeal as kittens sleeping in strange places or baby pandas playing together. What these edgy constructions lack in cuteness factor, they make up for in reflective daydreaming. After all, what's a more effortlessly cool snap than one where you're perched on the edge of a blue basin, pensively gazing at the horizon beyond? 

There's something strangely meditative about floating in a pool of water while staring at jaw-dropping views. It's like getting lost in your Instagram feed IRL. So whether you wish to stare at crystalline waters, a dramatic city skyline, or even zebras grazing along the Serengeti, we've got the infinity pools for you. To re-create your own #foreversummer moment, look no further than these picture-perfect pools dotted all over the globe. To infinity… and beyond!