9 Foods That Are Naturally Anti-Inflammatory

If you’ve been feeling bloated, fatigued, or achy, you might want to pay more attention to your diet. Because certain foods can affect everything from blemishes on your skin to bloating in your stomach, one easy way to better your health is to change what you're eating. According to a recent Martha Stewart story, "The body is oftentimes tricked into becoming inflamed when we eat certain foods, don't get enough sleep, or have lost balance in our lives. Chronic inflammation has been linked to cancer and other debilitating diseases, so it is extra important that everyone be mindful to eat foods that fight the causes of inflammation." Just what are these foods? Here are nine ingredients that will naturally combat bloating, tiredness, and pain.

  1. Oranges. Vitamin C–packed oranges (and other citrus) help promote the formation of enzymes in the liver that flush away toxins.
  2. Tomatoes. Like citrus, tomatoes are a great source of inflammation-fighting vitamin C.
  3. Dark leafy greens. Arugula, kale, spinach, chard—they aren’t called super greens for nothing! The more chlorophyll a green has, the more it will help the body detoxify.
  4. Walnuts. The powerhouse of nuts, walnuts are packed with omega-3 fatty acids.
  5. Cold-water fish. Tuna and salmon balance toxins in our diets and will make you feel less bloated.  
  6. Olive oil. Olive oil is the healthiest fat on earth. It’s great for skin and hair and is filled with a variety of anti-inflammatory agents.
  7. Garlic. Not only does garlic fight off vampires—just kidding!—but it also wards off colds, toxins, and other harmful problems.
  8. Turmeric. The spice has long been used in Indian and Asian medical practices to alleviate inflammation.
  9. Black beans. Packed with magnesium and iron, dark beans will help the blood flow through your body and in turn reduce inflammation.

Learn more about how food can affect the body’s functions by reading the cookbook and resource Clean Slate.

What foods do you eat when you need to feel better?