See Inside Donald Trump's Gold-Drenched 1985 Manhattan Apartment

We’d like to think that 1985 was a simpler time in the life of Donald Trump, the Republican presidential nominee who’s cast a large cloud of controversy over this year’s election. Back then he was a billionaire playboy who embodied ’80s excess, and he and his wife, Ivana, were fun to observe from afar, like zoo animals behind gilded gates. They were harmless, and when they pulled back the silk curtain so that we can see inside their lives, we didn’t just peek—we gawked.

Case in point: the couple’s Trump Tower apartment, which appeared in a 1985 issue of Architectural Digest. With Trump once again in the spotlight, the magazine revisited Steven M. L. Aronson’s story, which took us inside the businessman’s opulent Manhattan home. And if it looks like it’s drenched in liquid gold, well, that’s because it was. From a banquette “covered with fabric painted in 24K gold” to the ceilings adorned with gold leaf, the Trumps’ over-the-top taste hits you over the head like a ton of (gold) bricks.

Believe it or not, Trump was prone to fits of braggadocio back then, too, calling his home one of “the finest apartments in the top building in the best location in the hottest city in the world.” Looking at the luxurious interiors, which shimmer with bronze this and silver that around every bend, it’s hard not to agree.

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