"Wounds Are How the Light Gets In": These 11 Women Will Give You Strength

Today is Women's Equality Day, and though the fight for equality of any kind is ongoing, relentless movement, we're taking this opportunity to find inspiration from wise women. We can all use some words of hope, unity, compassion, and courage to empower us further. Though it was definitely difficult to hone in on a lean group of women to spotlight today, we selected 11 women whose words inspire us to be better to ourselves and our communities. 

To celebrate this day and get motivated to continue pushing for social equality in its forms, read on for 11 inspiring quotes from women whose words have the power to teach us, connect us, invigorate us, and fill us with hope and inspiration. We also included corresponding prompts with each quote so you can take it a step further with self-reflection that will transform their words into actions in your own life. When you need a pep talk, just read these quotes from wise women instead.