7 Instagram-Approved Vases That Will Up Your Plant Parent Game

Plants on living room floor.

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In case you didn’t get the memo, being a plant parent is not a trend—it’s a lifestyle. Nowadays, we can find very few reasons not to cover our home in fresh greens. Not only can some plants and flowers improve our home’s air or reduce stress, but they also breathe some much-needed life into your space.

Since the plant phenomenon is here to stay, why not invest in some stylish accoutrements? And there’s no better way to give your plants a well-appointed flair than with a gorgeous flower vase. Recently, our Instagram feeds have been flooded with a bunch of covetable vases of all colors, sizes, and shapes. And trust us, they’re considerably chicer than those lackluster glass vases that come with most flower deliveries. 

Trust us, they’re considerably chicer than those lackluster glass vases that come with most flower deliveries. 

Below, explore seven artful, Insta-approved vases that are so beautiful, they'll rival the flowers you place inside them.

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Awesome Arches

Whoever said a flower vase has to be rectangular or circular has clearly never scrolled upon the fresh crop of arched alternatives. Not only will it look sharp on your countertop, but it also surprisingly low-maintenance. Unlike most vases, you don’t need a full-fledged bouquet to make this pick stand out. Simply add a stem or two and let the unique silhouette do all the talking.

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On Cloud Nine

Or, if you’re looking for a vase for a bouquet, opt for a cloud-like style. This option from Now House by Jonathan Adler looks oh-so-dreamy, plus the tubular finishes will allow your stems to fill out the entire vase. Translation? This pick was basically designed with a full, blooming bouquet in mind.

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Getting Geometrical

Why settle for one shape when you can enjoy a few? This vase marries the ever-so-trendy curve silhouette with a classic rectangular shape. While this style would look stunning with some Anthuriums inside, let’s be honest: The vase looks like it belongs in a museum on its own.

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Embrace the Extra

Just because vases serve a strictly utilitarian purpose—you know, to store flowers and water—doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Packed with fun, dimensional accents, this vase from Noom is extra in the best way possible.

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Au Naturale

Admittedly, a breast-inspired planter may not be the vase for everyone. However, if you’re looking to celebrate Mother Nature in all her glory, a container modeled after the human body is a no-brainer. Be still, our feminist hearts.

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Double Sided Style

As this U-shaped vase proves, you don’t have to stuff all your stems into a single small container. Add some visual interest by dividing your bouquet and inserting them into each end. Trust us, this option will receive a lot of compliments.

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The Textured Treatment

Hesitant to buy a vase with such an unconventional shape? Play around with texture. Adorned with dimensional, curved ribs, this cylindrical vase looks innovative but has a surprisingly simple silhouette.