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21 of the Most Beautiful Bathrooms We Spotted on Instagram

bathroom with wooden ceiling and white walls

Design by Emily Henderson Design; Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp

The #BathroomsOfInstagram hashtag is at once a strange and charming place. Because it’s undeniably weird that we humans choose to post photos of our bathrooms online for all the world to see. The bathroom is one of the most intimate places in any home; we wouldn’t make it the centerpiece of any home tour, yet we engage in the social media equivalent of that behavior with no inhibition. It’s bizarre how apt we are to flood social media with bathroom photos, bathroom ideas, and bathroom inspo. But it’s also kind of delightful.

When we go to decorate our homes, many of us neglect our bathrooms. We prioritize couches, rugs, and tables. We perfect our bedrooms and our living rooms—our dining rooms and our kitchens. And at the end of it all, we finally get around to decorating our bathrooms. Maybe we buy a cute shower curtain or a cozy bath mat. Maybe we make sure our towels match our washcloths. And if we’re feeling really ambitious, maybe we’ll slip a plant in there or throw up a painting. 

Though bathrooms are one of the most necessary rooms in any home, we can’t seem to stop depriving them of the effort and energy they deserve. Put simply, bathrooms are endlessly underrated spaces. And the beauty of the #BathroomsOfInstagram hashtag is that—little by little, post by post—it’s beginning to change that.

Put simply, bathrooms are endlessly underrated spaces. And the beauty of the #BathroomsOfInstagram hashtag is that—little by little, post by post—it’s beginning to change that.

Spend a few minutes perusing the #BathroomsOfInstagram hashtag, and you’ll see stunning furniture, vibrant colors, and exciting décor. You’ll find lush greenery, cozy candles, and storage containers so cute you might actually look forward to cleaning your home. You’ll see vivid tiles, bold wallpaper, and even the occasional statement rug. 

With each Instagram bathroom idea you lay eyes on, you’ll become increasingly convinced that bathrooms don’t have to be afterthoughts. They can be veritable oases—paradisiacal places that can transform your morning shower into a genuinely restorative experience. 

No, your bathroom doesn’t need to become the most statement-making stop on your home tour—or the focal point of your Instagram. But it can be a little lovelier, a little prettier, and a little more welcoming than it is now. 

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Plenty of Plants

Don’t feel like cluttering your bathroom with unnecessary furniture? No need. Plants are an excellent way to fill white space—and to render your space a little more spa-like.

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Minimalist Mood

When decorating your bathroom, think about how you’d like the space to feel. While vibrant shades can be fun and exciting, a deep minimalist palette can leave the room feeling cozy and comforting.

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Small Statements

This bathroom is proof that chic design doesn’t have to be effortful. A clean palette and a couple statement pieces can go a long way.

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Spa-Level Scenery

A few key pieces can take your bathroom from bare to beautiful. Plants, candles, and bath trays are worthy additions to your space. And even better—they hardly cost a thing.

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Light and Bright

This minimalist bathroom is so lovely you might find yourself tempted to spend all day in there. Natural light, an understated palette, and ample seating? Don’t mind if we do.

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Statement Walls

Your bathroom may be the perfect place to test out that statement-making wallpaper you’ve been eyeing. Prints that feel overwhelming in large spaces may be a perfect fit for your bathroom’s smaller walls.

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Lighten Up

A lack of light doesn’t have to leave your bathroom feeling cavernous, as shown here in The Indigo Leopard Home's bathroom. With a couple of plants and a few thoughtfully placed candles, you’ll have a cozy escape on your hands.

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Simple Color Palette

Sticking to a simple palette can keep your bathroom design process feeling veritably manageable. When in doubt, it’s hard to go wrong with white, beige, and the occasional pop of green.

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Jewel Tones

Deep blues and greens can add visual interest to your bathroom, while maintaining its therapeutic and cozy aesthetic. While bright colors can be distracting, this deep shade of teal feels fit for a spa.

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Small But Mighty

Space may be a constraint, but that doesn’t mean your bathroom is worth abandoning entirely. Small items like bath mats, bath trays, plants, and string lights can transform your bathroom without demanding too much real estate.

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Cheery Colors

For some, the bathroom is less a space for taking excessively cozy baths, and more a space for getting ready each day. Invite your bathroom vanity to help you wake up each morning by filling it with energizing colors and décor. (In other words, make it exactly what you want it to be.)

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Elevated Bathing

Once you’re done adorning your space, don’t forget the cherry on top—décor whipped out during bathtime and bathtime alone. Scatter flowers or fruit along the surface of the water, whip out your bath tray, and load up on self-care must-haves. Décor doesn’t have to be constantly on display to be worth owning.

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Outdoor Inspiration

This outdoor bathroom gives new meaning to the word “luxury.” No, it’s not easily replicated—but you can at least channel some of its appeal. Think: plants, organic materials, and as much natural light as possible.

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Simple Storage

This bathroom maximizes storage space without inviting clutter. The massive mirror and pared-down palette keep the space feeling open, while the huge chest of drawers keeps it from feeling bare.

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Pattern Play

Don’t shy away from playing with wallpaper, even if the tiles in your bathroom already have a clearly defined pattern. Since your bathroom is smaller than the other rooms in your home, you can get away with bold design choices more easily.

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Dark and Layered

Cultivate the space you want. If that space is dark, layered, and vaguely jungle-esque, chase it. You deserve a bathrooms that fits your personal aesthetic.

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Simple Accessorizing

The beauty of minimalism? This bathroom feels thoroughly decorated after the addition of just a few items: a stool, two mirrors, and a plant.

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A Little Bit Cheeky

Pro tip: If you’re at all tempted to stock up on tongue-in-cheek décor, put it in your bathroom. It’s decidedly acceptable there—and the result is often really cute.

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Pops of Color

If you’re a maximalist who loves vibrant colors and dynamic décor, don’t neglect your bathroom. Infuse it with the same spirit you’ve filled the rest of your house with.

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Don't Forget the Floor

In case you needed a reminder: Statement rugs are just as welcome in your bathroom as they are in any other room in your home.

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Statement Sink

If this bathroom tells you anything, it should be that your sink can be exactly as fun as the rest of your space.