The New Baby Name Trend You Never Saw Coming

With celebrities opting for more and more unusual baby names and in-the-know American parents looking to Europe for inspiration, the latest trend in tots’ names may not be so surprising. Us Weekly is reporting that many new moms and dads are naming their children after Instagram filters. Lux and Ludwig are two boys names and Instagram filters that have increased in popularity by 75% in the past year. Amaro, Reyes, Hudson, and Kelvin are other filters that parents are loving. As for girls names, Willow, Juno, and Valencia are filters that are super trendy.

The news comes from BabyCenter, which released their Baby Names Survey yesterday. “We were a little surprised by this,” Linda Murray, editor in chief of BabyCenter, said. “But there’s this beautiful thing that happens with an Instagram filter. You take these precious moments in your life and it makes them even more beautiful, it enhances them. I think people just have really warm feelings about that and these names come into their consciousness.” With 75% of new moms sharing photos of their babies on their phones, it’s easy to understand how the Instagram filter names could influence people. In fact, my very own mother has been affected by the trend and expressed a desire to change her name from Mary Ellen to Ellie Sierra.

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What’s the most unexpected baby name you’ve ever heard?