The Styles That Dominated Our Instagram Feeds in 2018

When you're short on interior design inspiration, one place to look for the hottest new trends and ideas for how to style them is on your phone. Well, on your Instagram feed to be exact. Along with travel photos, fashion looks, and food spreads, you can find some major home décor creativity on the platform (so long as you know where to look).

Here at MyDomaine headquarters, it's practically our job to scroll through the social media feeds of interior designers, stylists, and tastemakers, which means we have a shortlist of accounts that we eagerly follow for a daily dose of design (take a look at just a few of our favorites). With all of this scrolling, it's easy to pick up on the trending styles that are about to hit the mainstream.

Ahead, we're breaking down the styles that have positively dominated our Instagram feeds this year by spotlighting a few stunning images posted by interior designers on the platform. From cool contemporary light fixtures to elegant vintage finds, here's what's been filling our feed lately.

Layered Textures

Although minimalism will never truly go out of style, more maximalist interior design styles have been emerging as of late. Among them includes layered textures, which can be used to create a warm and welcoming space that's full of interesting details. In this indoor/outdoor living room from Amber Interiors, the designer uses layered patterned rugs to soften the modern space. There's also a potted tree that blurs the lines between the interior and exterior spaces while fur and leather accents add even more texture to the room.

Contemporary Lighting

Luxe chandeliers have their time and place, but sleek contemporary lighting is what it's all about right now. Take this structured multi light pendant for example. Featured on Studio McGee's Instagram, it has a commanding presence over the dining table but doesn't deter from the clean, modern space. It also perfectly mimics the rectangular lines created by the wooden table for a structured look. Get in on this style by selecting a chic pendant light to hang in your kitchen or dining room.

Colorful Kitchens

It seems as though it's time to say goodbye to the clinical all-white kitchen and say hello to bolder color schemes and playful elements. Not long ago designer Emily Henderson revealed her "updated traditional" kitchen in all its pewter green glory, and since then, it seems colorful kitchens have been popping up everywhere. Look to this chic space from Ashe Leandro, for instance. It's a striking example of how you can break traditional "rules" and use shades of black and brown in one space, while also tossing in a beautiful mint green wall hanging for just the right pop of color. Paired with a bold marble countertop and white walls, it's a refreshing take on the modern kitchen.

Curved Furniture

A far cry from traditional boxy furnishings, 2018 has seen a resurgence of retro curves on everything from chairs and couches to floor lamps and sculptures, and our Instagram can prove it. Here, Arent & Pyke showcase a stunning space photographed by Felix Forest that encapsulates these trends. A stunningly curved blue velvet accent chair sits beneath a nonlinear lamp and an abstract painting by Antonia Mrljak. Even the small decorative figure on the side table features curved structures.

Vintage Objects

Vintage has never been more in style, at least, as far as we can tell from the interior design gurus we follow on Instagram. Anthena Calderone is just one of the many designers currently fawning over treasures from the past. In this post, she features a few personal vintage gems that sit atop her black stone fireplace mantle. Her caption reads, "What I love most about interior design is the hunt, the discovery, and the personal curation." Head to a local flea market or thrift store to make your own discoveries or shop online at retailers like Chairish and 1stDibs.

Luxe Bathrooms

This might be one of the more over-the-top master bathrooms to pop up on our feed this year, but we're so happy it did. It's just one of the countless breathtaking scenes in Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent's Los Angeles home. From the handpainted walls to the marble trim, there's so much to take in. While not everyone can have a custom painting in their bathroom, there are small upgrades that can make any space feel luxe and the often-overlooked room certainly deserves your attention. It's the place where you refresh each night and prepare for each day, after all. So why not make it as luxurious as possible?

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