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Instagram’s Prettiest Garden Rooms Will Inspire Your Inner Plant Parent

boho living room with plants

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Though many of us genuinely adore plants, our love of greenery expresses itself in fairly restrained ways. We dress our living rooms up with the occasional fiddle-leaf fig, we incorporate a cactus or two into our bedrooms, and maybe—just maybe—we line our window sills with dainty little succulents. We purchase a couple of low-maintenance plants to use as decorative accents, and we stop there. But some green thumbs have taken their plant obsessions to new levels of intense by dedicating full rooms to them and starting a veritable trend in the process. Right now, no plant parent's home is complete without at least one garden room—and no Instagram feed is complete without a ton of photos of them.

The garden room is decidedly straightforward: It’s a room dedicated to greenery. But this concept can be—and has been—interpreted in a number of ways. For some, a garden room is little more than a greenhouse, usually complete with a few chairs that beckon you to spend all day reading there. For others, a garden room is a plant-filled living room, or bedroom, or sunroom. It can take the shape of any space in your house, really, so long as it’s filled to the brim with greenery. And for some others, garden rooms don’t have any plants in them at all. Instead, they’re loaded with windows that let in natural light and stunning views of the greenery that surrounds them. So long as greenery is the focal point in some form or fashion, your space fits the garden room bill.

The garden room is decidedly straightforward: It’s a room dedicated to greenery. But this concept can be—and has been—interpreted in a number of ways.

The trend is a beautiful one. But it’s not one you have to integrate into your space. For many of us, ogling the most stunning garden rooms Instagram has to offer—while tending to the one or two plants we’ve purchased—is enough. But if you’re among the few who feel thoroughly inspired to transform a room of your house into a straight-up forest, consider this an open invitation to do so.

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Indoor/Outdoor Style

This cozy patio is the perfect place to put a garden room. Half-indoors, half-outdoors, and full of natural light, this space was practically begging to be filled with plants and transformed into a lush green paradise.

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Lush Life

Rooms filled with floor-to-ceiling windows are loaded with garden room potential. Simply fill them with greenery and lovely places to sit, and you’ll never want to leave.

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Greenhouse Vibes

Building a garden room from scratch? Consider lining your ceiling with windows, too. The sun roof will offer you the stunning views of the outdoors and the sheer comfort of the indoors.

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Light and Bright

White walls can leave a room feeling brighter, even when space for windows is limited. Combine your well-lit space with a few thoughtfully placed plants, and you might just have a veritable oasis on your hands.

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Floor to Ceiling Greenery

Remember that every surface in a room could be a potential home for your plants. Desks, boxes, window sills, the floor—even the ceiling. Take full advantage of every corner of your space—just about any nook or cranny would look better with a plant in it.

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Careful Curation

Those who favor minimalism can craft a garden room that fits their pared-down aesthetic. There’s nothing cluttered about a well-lit space and a few carefully curated plants.

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More Is More

Just because plants are the focal point of your garden room doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with other statement-making accents. Iron accents and vibrant tiles can leave your garden room feeling decidedly special—before you’ve even added the plants.

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Colorful Corner

Take full advantage of plants’ inherent vibrancy, and fill your room with similarly saturated shades. The result will be a room that’s as fun and exciting as it is inviting.

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Dream-Worthy Space

Who said your bedroom couldn’t double as a garden room? This well-lit space is dreamy before you’ve even added greenery. But throw a few plants in there, and you’ve created an absolutely fairytale-worthy space.

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Multipurpose Surfaces

This thoughtful decorator has filled a room with plants without leaving it feeling cluttered or overwhelming. The trick? Don’t cover every surface with plants. Dedicate some of them to glasses, drinks, or other items of your choosing.

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Window to the World

This space proves that you can capture the magic of a garden room without purchasing a single plant. Just make sure your windows look out on some seriously pretty greenery, and you’ll be set.

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Warm and Cozy

Why not add a fireplace to your garden room? The space should be exactly what you want it to be; craft the cozy escape you’ll be most likely to enjoy.

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Gorgeous Greens

Some might call this garden room a simple greenhouse, but we say the table and chairs render it completely on-trend.

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On the Vine

Ivy can take any space from pretty to absolutely dreamy, and these vines are no exception. Be sure to tend to them thoughtfully, though. When vines get too unruly, they can do serious damage to a structure.

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Blurred Lines

This beautiful space blurs the line between the indoors and outdoors, embracing the allure of the garden room trend without committing to a ton of indoor plants.

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Serene Statement

Consider this room a master class in crafting a garden room in a decidedly accessible way. Perfect for the decorator who wants to buy a few plants—and only a few plants—this room uses a mere few pieces to make a serious statement.