Instagram's New Update Allows Portraits and Landscapes

This is a public service announcement: You can now post full-size landscape and portrait photos to Instagram. Yep, no more cropping to square even if it means cutting off that beautiful view of the NYC skyline or sunset over the Pacific. No moreas many have been doing for some time nowusing a third-party app to add a picture-frame-like border around your tall or wide shots.

The change comes after Instagram found that 20 percent of uploaded photos have been modified to fit into the square frame, and that only one in every five images on a person's feed looks to have been natively created within the app. To meet the wide-ranging demands of a growing community of photographers—both amateur and professional—Instagram continues to widen its aesthetic choices for its users, seeking to be a one-stop shop for all of our photo-sharing dreams.

If you're whispering "sacrilege" at this Earth-shaking news, quit being square! Try it out, you just might like it.

The update will be available for download today!

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