One Safety Precaution Every Instagram User Should Take

A Formula One star and his wife were recently robbed in St. Tropez, and Instagram could be to blame. According to Sky News, the thieves got away with British Formula One driver Jenson Button and his wife Jessica Michibata's $388,000 (£250,000) five-carat engagement ring. The two men reportedly broke into the couple's rented villa while they slept, with The Daily Mail reporting they were gassed, but how did the burglars know where they were? Well, The Next Web reports Michibata was shown wearing the impressive diamond ring on her Instagram account six days prior, which was also conveniently pinned to a photo map along with several other images from the couple's villa during their holiday. Coincidence? Maybe, but we tend to err on the side of caution. So if you're traveling, we suggest turning off the photo mapping feature, especially if you have valuables or children and you don't want your location to be known.

To read more about this Instagram feature and how to turn it off, visit The Next Web.

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Do you use Instagram's photo mapping feature? Have you heard of this happening before? Let us know in the comments.