8 Instant Pot Cookbooks for Every Skill Level (and They're Delicious)

Hands down, the hottest kitchen gadget for the past few years has been the Instant Pot. The device is marketed as a pressure cooker, rice maker, steamer, and more, all in one; it seemingly can do anything, and yet once you own one, you may be at a loss for exactly how to use it.

The manual that comes out of the box is not all that helpful. To make matters worse, there are so many settings that, without proper instruction, one could easily mess up an otherwise simple meal. The best way to decipher your Instant Pot is with a trusty cookbook.

There are probably hundreds of published cookbooks out there trying to capitalize on the Instant Pot madness, but many have been rushed to print. We scoured Amazon for the best Instant Pot cookbooks for everyone, from pressure cooker novices to experts, and for several different diets. Scroll down to review our recommendations and finally put your Instant Pot to good use.