8 Instant Pot Soup Recipes That Take Just 20 Minutes or Less to Prep

Updated 05/01/19

Fall colors and trends have begun to trickle down into our favorite home décor lines, and winter weather isn't far behind either. As we get ready to transition into the next season, we're already starting to feel the urge to curl up indoors with a comforting, warm meal.

In order to get into peak hygge mode, soup is in order. Our advice? Instead of spending hours in the kitchen standing over a hot stove or turning to high-sodium, low-flavor canned varieties, upgrade to an Instant Pot to make homemade comfort food easier than ever. All it takes is a bit of meal prep and the press of a button to put a piping hot bowl of delicious soup on the table.

Whether you're in the mood for traditional flavors found in a vegetable beef stew or something a bit more out of the ordinary (hello, chicken and spinach ramen), there's a way to cook it yourself quickly and with little effort. For a fast and easy meal that won't disappoint, try your hand at one of these Instant Pot soup recipes.

Spicy Peanut Soup With Sweet Potato and Kale

instant pot soup
Pinch of Yum

Not only is this colorful spicy peanut soup from Pinch of Yum delicious, but it's also vegan, gluten-free, refined sugar–free, and highly nutritious. A mix of onions, jalapeños, sweet potatoes, roasted tomatoes, coconut milk, kale, and more makes for a hearty soup packed with flavor and superfoods. To whip it up, simply add all the ingredients (except for the peanut butter and kale) into the Instant Pot on high pressure for just three minutes.

Prep Time: 15 minutes

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Spicy White Bean Beef Stew

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Half Baked Harvest

From the Half Baked Harvest kitchen comes this spicy white bean beef stew that requires just two simple steps to make. Start by adding all the ingredients into your Instant Pot, and put it on the stew setting for 35 minutes. When the timer rings, transfer the stew made of beef, carrots, baby potatoes, white beans, and spices into a baking dish, and broil it in the oven for just a few minutes. Serve with toasted bread for the ultimate comfort food dinner.

Prep Time: 15 minutes

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Cajun Chili

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Food Faith Fitness

This hearty chili recipe from Food Faith Fitness is bursting with Cajun flavors. Enjoy a nourishing combination of ground chicken, andouille sausage, crushed tomatoes, red kidney beans, and seasoned shrimp. Top the soup off with parsley and sour cream (or Greek yogurt). It takes just 15 minutes to prep and 30 minutes to cook in the Instant Pot.

Prep Time: 15 minutes

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5-Ingredient Carnitas Soup

instant pot soup recipe
Gimme Some Oven

This Instant Pot soup recipe from Gimme Some Oven is the perfect way to make the most of leftover carnitas. With just five simple ingredients, this dish can quickly be made for an easy weeknight dinner. The recipe calls for carnitas, chicken or vegetable stock, salsa verde, potatoes or beans, and a bit of cumin. Pop all the ingredients into an Instant Pot for just eight minutes before serving. For a little something extra, top your finished product with fresh arugula, cilantro, avocado, jalapeños, and pepper jack cheese.

Prep Time: 5 minutes

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Creamy Chicken and Wild Rice Soup

instant pot chicken soup recipe
Foodie Crush

This recipe for chicken and wild rice soup comes straight from The Electric Pressure Cooker Cookbook, and Heidi from Foodie Crush swears it's the cure to any ailment. Let your Instant Pot prepare this soup made of chicken, long-grain wild rice, veggies, milk, and cream cheese. This makes for a comforting soup that's perfect for cold nights spent indoors.

Prep Time: 15 minutes

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Minestrone Soup

instant pot minestrone soup
Pinch of Yum

A fresh take on a winter favorite, this minestrone soup recipe from Pinch of Yum delivers savory flavors with nutritious ingredients. This dish is full vegetables, beans, tasty pesto, and marinara sauce. Toss the ingredients into an Instant Pot, and relax while the soup cooks itself for just 30 minutes. Top with bulgur, parsley, and Parmesan.

Prep Time: 20 minutes

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Chicken and Spinach Ramen

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Half Baked Harvest

Perhaps the ultimate comfort food is ramen due to its soothing powers and fresh ingredients. This chicken and spinach ramen recipe from Half Baked Harvest is no exception, and you don't even have to wait in line at a crowded restaurant to enjoy it. Start by cooking bacon and ginger in an Instant Pot using the sautée mode. Then add chicken broth, soy sauce, chicken, mushrooms, and other seasoning ingredients into the Instant Pot and cook for 20 minutes. Stir in noodles, spinach, and cilantro, and wait another five minutes before digging in.

Prep Time: 15 minutes

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Beef Stew

instant pot soup recipes
Root and Revel

This beef stew from Root + Revel fits perfectly into a keto diet, and is packed with protein and vitamins for a nutritious meal that's Instant Pot–friendly. The recipe calls for a mix of vegetables including wild mushrooms, carrots, and green beans, as well as beef, potatoes, red wine, and a variety of seasonings. Spend 15 minutes prepping the dish before letting it cook in the Instant Pot for 25 minutes.

Prep time: 15 minutes

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This post was originally published on February 20, 2018, and has since been updated.

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