This Interior Designer Told Us the "Cool" Plant Trend She’s Tired of Seeing

Updated 09/25/17
Interior Trends 2018
Tasmin Johnson

Truth be told, sometimes styling the home you’ve always dreamed of isn’t a streamlined process. Instead, it’s a culmination of refining your own taste, taking on some expert advice, and a heavy dose of inspiration (which for us, looks like an afternoon meticulously creating a mood board on Pinterest.) We often talk about what’s “in” each season, covering the latest burgeoning trends that we predict will be adopted by the big retailers, but less often do we ponder on our much-loved household items, which in fact, are well on their way out.


On the quest for impeccable style with a minimal aesthetic, we quizzed accomplished interior designer, Tasmin Johnson on the interior trends that she thinks it’s time for us to let go of, and trust us when we say, it wasn’t easy advice to hear.

See below for the items and colour choices you should be bidding farewell to this spring and how to create a space that isn’t too reliant on buzzy trends.


“Fluro. I never like the bold and obvious colours but I'm certainly sick of seeing pops of fluro or geometric prints in people’s home.

“Secondly, I also love an indoor plant but they need to be generously sized. There have been too many mean little fiddle leaf figs or cacti in the corners of rooms lately.”


“Generally, I think living and dining areas should stay relatively neutral, especially with bigger, more staple items. Then, for added accents, dress it up with more decorative pieces such as books, vases, sculpture, and art.

“The finishing touch is some nice mood lighting. I insist everything should be dimmable as it’s important to keep these spaces nice and calm.”

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