The 8 Décor Trends Pinterest Users Were Obsessed With in 2016

The first step to every great décor plan is finding inspiration—and what better place to look than Pinterest? Long gone are the days of gluing magazine cutouts to an actual IRL board—today's design boards come in the form of Pinterest collections carefully curating everything that caught our eye. The content sharing platform, which catalogs billions of pins every year, is a wealth of décor knowledge and trend forecasting. More recently, the team at Pinterest analyzed home décor pins to reveal the top trends that were on the rise in 2016 and the ones that plummeted throughout the year. 

Wondering which trends you should adopt in 2017, and which ones you should retire? We break down Pinterest's comprehensive trend report to help you make these important décor decisions. Should you embrace minimalism or boho chic? Which color should you paint your bedroom? Which cabinet style should you adopt in the kitchen? All those questions and more—answered.

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Which décor trends will you be adopting in 2017?