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15 Zoom Backgrounds Approved by Interior Designers

airy plant-filled living room

Katherine Carter

Now that we're several months into this new normal of spending more time at home and interacting with friends, family, and coworkers solely over video chat—Zoom, FaceTime, Google Hangouts, you name it—it's not surprising that many of us are craving a bit of change, especially when it comes to our interiors.

Seeing the same rooms over and over and over naturally feels a little monotonous, no matter how much you love your home's design. Add to that the fact that your interiors make an appearance on all of your video calls, and the desire to give your space a makeover is hard to ignore.

Thankfully, you don't have to get rid of your favorite furnishings or even rearrange your layout to experience a fresh design aesthetic, all you have to do is change your Zoom background. The video-conferencing service allows users to upload their own backgrounds, which means you can virtually spend some time in your dream home or experiment with a whole new design style, no strings attached.

To help get you started, we tapped some of our favorite designers and design bloggers to share their favorite images for our readers to use as virtual backgrounds. Read on to see the options, but don't fret if you can't choose, you can swap out your background as often as you'd like.

To download the backgrounds, click the heading title, then right-click to save the image to your computer. To add a virtual background on Zoom, simply go to preferences then virtual background, and upload your selected image.

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Pretty Pink Balcony

pink balcony overlooking california skyline

Dazey Den

"I like to infuse color and vintage inspired design to take you back to a more simple and joyful place." — Dani Nagel of and @DazeyDen

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Clean and Bright Living Room

bright living room

Pure Salt Interiors

"For those of us working from home with kids, the house isn't exactly clean and clutter-free all day. We love this cozy family home that's tidy and shows you've got everything organized and under control, even if you don't." — Leigh Lincoln, co-founder Pure Salt Interiors

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Inspiring Home Office

stylish home office

Anne Sage

"I love spending time in this room because it's serene, calming, and uncluttered, making it easy to focus on my work in style." — Anne Sage

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Bold, Colorful Dining Room

colorful dining room

Casa Watkins Living

"If you’re in need of the full dining room table for a meeting, then decorating the wall with baskets and bringing in plants from around the house can create a beautiful impromptu office. I love the feeling of the outdoors inside my home." — Stephanie Watkins of Casa Watkins Living

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Well-Curated Office Space

minimalist home office

Cathie Hong Interiors

"A light-filled, organized, and well-curated space makes for a great backdrop for virtual meetings, because it promotes productivity and makes the WFH environment feel inspirational everyday." Cathie Hong of Cathie Hong Interiors

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Serene Meditation Space

zen meditation room

Design by Lava Interiors; Photo by William Lavalette

'I love this meditation space because of its focused serenity. The blue rug and walls were paired together with the cloud-like white glass ceiling light to invoke the feeling of being in the sky. It was important to create a space of transcendence for my client as this particular room is the most sacred space in his home and needed to reflect his own personal meaning of what the practice of meditation is to him." — Meg Lavalette, founder of Lava Interiors

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Indoor Outdoor Inspiration

airy indoor outdoor area

Design by Melissa Lee of Bespoke Only; Photo by Ty Cole

"The calming energy in the frame really speaks to us. We love the abundance of natural light, all those greens and the harmonious connection between indoor and outdoor." — Melissa Lee of Bespoke Only

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Inviting Dining Area

dining banquette

Erin Williamson Design

The channel tufting on this welcoming banquette is just one of the many stylish aspects that draws us to the design by Erin Williams Design.

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Glam Living Room

glam living room


"I use Zoom on my sofa. I set up a tray or books to put my laptop on. It's always nice to have a cute piece of art behind you that's not too distracting." — Cara of Goldalamode

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Statement Sitting Space

green, black, and white living room

GreyHunt Interiors 

"This entire house was done in a black, white, and green color palette; it is an emerald gem! I love the conversational chairs in this fresh and sexy living room, making it a favorite." — Sallie Kjos of GreyHunt Interiors

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Plant-Filled Oasis

airy plant-filled living room

Katherine Carter

'This is a great place for virtual meetings or rest, it opens to the outdoors, there's fresh greenery inside, and muted calming color tones to calm the nerves. Fresh open space with gorgeous views of the mountains and ocean. It’s important to feel you are outside even if you’re stuck indoors during this difficult time we are all universally facing." Katherine Carter

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Warm and Welcoming Living Room

living room with built in shelves

Light and Dwell

“While working from home, it’s important that the environment around me is warm, aesthetically pleasing, and full of natural light. My living room is providing a bright space for me to work, and I’m thankful for that!” – Molly Kidd of Light and Dwell

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Motivational, Modern Living Room

stylish living room

Stephanie Hoey Interiors

“Working from home never looked so good with this bright and airy space as your background." — Stephanie Hoey of Stephanie Hoey Interiors

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Moody Home Office

home office with dark walls

Whittney Parkinson Design

"For the dark dwellers who like to work in total seclusion, this office offers just that, but still enough beautiful natural light streaming in for your co-workers to see your face (slightly important)." Whittney Parkinson

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Elevated Living Space

airy living room

@yaelweissinteriors and @sketchfortytwo

This sleek, stylish living room brought to life by the talented team at Yael Weiss Interiors is sure to impress anyone you might be calling for a business meeting, Zoom happy hour, or virtual bachelorette party.