Interior Designers Spotlight the 4 Best IKEA Products, Period

Courtesy of Bemz; PICTURED: Bemz Sofa Cover Loose Fit Urban for IKEA Karlstad

Interior designers are certainly no strangers to tight budgets. No matter who the client is, there is usually one aspect of the design proposal that needs to be adjusted based on cost, and as it turns out, IKEA is one of their go-to stores for affordable furniture.

Ever wondered which items make it into their big blue bags? In a recent article, Real Simple tapped four leading interior designers to share their best-ever IKEA purchases, from accessories to big-ticket items like sofas. Here's what design pros buy at IKEA and how they style them to look a million bucks.

IKEA Söderhamn Sofa $599

"My Söderhamn sofa is one of my favorite pieces, and people cannot believe how comfortable this couch is. It has Scandinavian clean lines, so they look at it and think Will that be comfortable? because it looks chic. Then they take a minute to sit, and it's so comfortable and so deep." — Will Taylor, Bright.Bazaar

IKEA Sinnerlig Pendant $60

"The Sinnerlig woven pendant light is designed by one of our favorites, Ilse Crawford. We love it because of its elevated simplicity, and we would use the light to warm up a room and create a serene environment." — Shannon Wollack and Brittany Zwickl of Studio Life.Style

IKEA Intagande Glass $2

"We love pale pink Intagande glasses, which we stock up on for parties. They're much chicer and [earth-friendlier] than plastic cups, but not so precious or expensive that you mind if one gets broken!" — Melissa Warner Rothblum and Julie Massucco Kleiner, Massucco Warner Miller

IKEA Grönadal Rocking Chair $249

"IKEA has a new line of rattan furniture, and I absolutely adore the Grönadal rocking chair. It has a whimsical and soft look that can easily complement almost any style. With a handwoven seat and blackened steel front legs, the chair is a lovely and modern way to add some texture to a room." — Caitlin Murray, Black Lacquer Design

Head over to Real Simple for more interior designer–approved IKEA products or check out how make your home look expensive by spending just $100 at IKEA.

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