These French Doors Will Invite Light Into Any Interior Space

For a chic, timeless way to brighten up any space, consider incorporating interior French doors into your design. A mainstay of New York apartments, these windowed doors can completely transform a cramped room into a vast space that smoothly transitions to the next living area. Often a connection between dining and living rooms, French doors can also divide a bathroom and bedroom; an airy, enclosed patio and a kitchen; or a bedroom and living room. No matter your home's décor, this functional design element can enhance any space, from contemporary interiors and edgy apartments to traditional homes and shabby-chic spaces.

What Are French Doors?

French doors are double doors made up of glass panes extending for most of their length. Adding them to your home decor is a great way to take advantage of natural light.

a living room with French doors
Sean Litchfield

These interior French doors create a chic partition between the bedroom and living room in this New York City apartment, making the small space appear much larger. The crisp white framework blends smoothly into the walls and ceiling to accentuate the brightness of the room.

a living room with French doors
Tessa Neustadt

The light wooden floorboards look divine juxtaposed with the cream framework of the French doors, which connect the cozy living room with the rest of the house. All of the soft neutrals blend together beautifully.

a living room with French doors
Monica Wang Photography

For an upgraded version of traditional interior French doors, divide the living room and dining room with clear sliding doors. Rather than acting as a partition between the two spaces, the doors allow the two rooms to flow together.

a dining room with French doors
Lisa Sherry Interieurs

Interior French doors can create a sitting room filled with natural light. They're a great way to offer privacy and quiet without completely closing off the two rooms from one another.

an entryway with French doors
Douglas Friedman; DESIGN: Ashe + Leandro

Make a bold statement with black-trimmed interior French doors. This entryway looks stunning from any angle and offers a unique first impression of the home. Despite the small space, the French doors make it feel expansive.

a patio with French doors
Katie Martinez Design

The French doors make this sheltered patio feel as if it were outside while protecting the space from the outdoor elements.

a dining room with French doors
Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

This formal dining room flows into the rest of the house thanks to a traditional set of interior French doors. It's the perfect setup for a dinner party meant to transition from a seated meal to casual cocktails in the living room.

a dining room with French doors
Elizabeth Roberts Architecture & Design

An ethereal, airy dining room is elevated by floor-to-ceiling windows and interior French doors. Bursting with light, the layout of the room would make eating at this table feel like being outside in the fresh air. 

an office with French doors
Douglas Friedman/Trunk Archive

Take interior French doors to the next level by creating a windowed library as seen in this space. French doors allow for a quiet place to read without being closed off from the rest of the house.

a bathroom with French doors
Miller Vang; DESIGN: Ashe + Leandro

Bold black interior French doors make for a chic and relaxing soak in the tub. You could spend hours blissfully unaware of what was happening beyond these doors.

a dining room with French doors
Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

These double-hinged interior French doors make a statement in this home filled with traditional and contemporary design elements. It's a striking example of how interior French doors can truly enhance any design.