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The Best Uses of Paint We've Seen In Interiors So Far This Year

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Design: Devon Grace Interiors, Photo: Dustin Halleck

When it comes to designing a space, wainscoting, shiplap, and moulding are often the only treatments that come to mind. While these are all excellent options, sometimes, a can of paint is all you need to elevate the look of a room. When done correctly, paint can add texture, depth, and visual interest in the most dynamic ways.

Ahead, 13 of the best uses of paint we've seen so far this year that add tons of personality to any room, no matter what look you're going for. Grab a bucket and a brush because these paint ideas are about to change the way you look at your blank walls, ceilings, doors, and drawers.

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Monochrome Masterpiece

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Reena Sotropa

Trust us, this room would not make the same impact with plain, white walls. Going monochromatic with the same moody blue paint on the walls, built-ins, and coffered ceilings give this living area a next-level 'wow' factor very few can. Don't know which color to choose? Consider matching a statement couch.

What Are Coffered Ceilings?

Coffered ceilings are boast architectural features consisting of rectangular, square, or octagonal grids in three-dimensional sunken or recessed panels.

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Colorblocked Wainscoting

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Light And Dwell

Wainscoting adds tons depth and texture to any wall, but depending on your style and the type of panels you have, it can still lack a certain something. Colorblocking it not only brings out the details, it also adds a certain level of visual interest only a special paint color can.

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Shine On

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Design: Devon Grace Interiors, Photo: Dustin Halleck

While most dwellers shop for paint colors, any expert knows the paint finish is equally as important as the hue. Painting a room in a high-gloss lacquer adds a level of sophistication and glamour, making it look incredibly expensive.

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Door To Door

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Home By Polly

Just because white doors are a dime a dozen, doesn't mean you're doomed to hide behind a bland one in your own home. Taking paint and a paintbrush to your bedroom, bathroom, or laundry room doors gives your hallway an instant face lift.

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Up Top

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The ceiling is one major area in every house that almost always remains untapped real estate. This often-left-blank space hanging above your impeccably decorated room deserves just as much TLC as the rest of your walls. A bold shade of paint on your ceiling, like the teal alcove in this bright boho bedroom, elevates this design to new heights.

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Technicolor Ceiling

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Anne Sage

Since we're on the subject, why stop with one shade of paint on your ceiling? A handful of paint colors transforms this tile ceiling into a technicolored focal point, but you can create the same look even if you don't have tile. Pro tip: Incorporate shades from around your room to tie the entire design together.

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Blast From The Past

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Dazey Den

Color is known to evoke emotions and show off your personal style, but an often forgotten power it possesses is the ability to recreate a moment in time. The retro orange flowing throughout, especially those warm tones painted on the kitchen cabinetry, creates a mid-century modern time capsule.

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Limewashed Walls

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Design: Melanie Burstin Design, Photo: Tessa Neustadt

Not all paints are created equal. Case in point: Limewash, a mixture made of limestone that's been crushed, burned, liquified, and dyed with natural pigments to create a matte, chalky, suede-like texture. Paint it on your walls for a subtle upgrade on regular paint that looks and feels like a million bucks, like in this bathroom.

What Is Limewash?

Limewash is a mixture made of limestone that's been crushed, burned, and liquified with water to create lime putty, then thinned with more water and dyed with natural pigments.

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Shape Escape

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Never underestimate the power of paint and a roll of painter's tape. Some artfully placed abstract shapes make for a serious statement wall, like this one that features warm reddish tones. Up the cool factor by layering a gallery composition over top of your color-blocked creation.

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Faux Headboard

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A long, tufted headboard adds an expensive feel to any room—emphasis on the word expensive. Give your bedroom a similar focal point with a can of paint. This bohemian bedroom utilizes color blocking with a scalloped edge behind the bed to create the illusion of a long fluted headboard for a fraction of the price.

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Painted Arch

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The color blocking darling of the Instagram world, the arch is not only super easy to create and requires little paint, it adds a huge impact to any room. A simple design like this light pink arch will brighten up your Instagram feed after a few hours of work.

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Fireplace Facelift

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Sarah Fultz Interiors

If you're stuck with an outdated fireplace, a can of paint in a rich tone will transform your brick mantle into modern-day masterpiece. We love how this living room goes full monochromatic with this deep shade of olive.

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Business On Top, Party On The Bottom

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Devon Grace Interiors

If you're debating between a classic white kitchen and one with a bold shade of paint on the cabinets, this two-toned design boasts the best of both worlds. Opt for white cabinets on the top and a brighter hue on the lower cabinets for a look that doesn't stray too far from a timeless look, but doesn't look the least bit boring.