How to Make Your Home Insanely Photogenic, According to Designers

Updated 05/02/19
Courtesy of West Elm

Coming of age in the Instagram era has taught us a thing or two about making ourselves look photogenic; knowing your good side, not taking yourself too seriously, and striking the right figure-flattering poses can go a long way. But what rules apply when it comes to styling (and photographing) your home? After all, the amount of time we've spent styling, rearranging, and refreshing our spaces warrants an Instagram (or 100). Fortunately, PureWow tapped a few interior designers and stylists about their best-kept styling secrets for a photogenic space.

Read up on their go-to tricks of the trade below.

“When we arrive at the house, we spend a lot of time steaming all of the slipcovers, pillows, and beds because it helps our houses look much more polished and elegant."

"Use natural light to your advantage. Open all of the blinds, curtains and shades, and bear in mind that the best time of day for capturing interiors is either the early morning or late afternoon when light is softer."

"There are lots of ways you can make your home more photogenic, but our absolute favorite is investing in a large house plant. Something green immediately makes the room feel a little chicer. Added points if you invest in a beautiful basket or planter."

Head over to PureWow for more designer tips, and share your two cents below!

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