11 Styling Tricks to Make Your Home Look Like a Magazine

Greenery and branches are an excellent way to enhance large spaces as well as bring dimension to smaller abodes. A simple vase full of leaves and greenery on a counter or table instantly adds a fresh feeling, and it's more gender neutral than a large bouquet of flowers. Flowering Forsythia Branches, $38, Terrain
Corral perfumes, countertop necessities, candles, and a bud vase with a bloom or two in decorative trays. It's a bathroom after all, and we know there are products you use all the time; this just helps them to look better. Antique-Finish Mirror Tray, $60, Zara Home

Decorative and colourful tea towels are the perfect way to inject personality and life into your kitchen. Leave them out on countertops or drape over the side of the sink for a dose of beautiful reality. Hudson Tea Towel, $19, Heath Ceramics

An imperfect collection of decorative pillows in a variety of shapes, sizes, and textures add colour and dimension to sofas and settees. Avoid keeping them all perfectly plump for a more natural, lived-in feel. Cotton Cushion Cover, $13, H&M Home

Whether with your grocery list, an inspirational saying, or a quick doodle, use your chalkboard to infuse personality into your rooms. Industrial Framed Chalkboard, $69, Pottery Barn

If your space is decorated in cool tones, add a pop of warmth with a contrasting colour through flowers or decorative accessories. A grouping of bright pink flowers will really stand out in a blue room, just as a purple throw and pillow in a mainly yellow room will bring some visual "wow". Look around, identify a colour the room is missing, and introduce a small dose for big effect. Woven Throw, $50, H&M Home
If you have the room, declutter busy kitchen counters by storing your toaster, SodaStream, panini maker, rice cooker, and the like in cabinets or an oversized basket in your pantry. Tyler Square Basket with Rope Handle, $90, Crate & Barrel

Nothing says luxury like a stack of fresh, fluffy, white towels. We think it's a modern take on bathroom décor and love how they inject a spa-like feeling into spaces. Just make sure to read up on  how to keep your whites white. Threshold Textured Towel Set, $18, Target
In photos and real life, when a chair is pulled out slightly from a desk or table, it enables the viewer to get more of a sense of the shape and style of the piece. Give it a try in your home, just not too far out that it becomes a hazard. Industry Chair, $199, CB2

If you've got a beautiful kettle or colourful piece of Le Creuset, leave it out on the stove for all to see. This is another great way to add a pop of contrasting colour like we mentioned above. Mariner Star Round French Oven, $350, Le Creuset

Nothing makes a space feel more homey and cosy than a nice roaring fire. No matter the season, consider adding some ambiance and romance by putting your fireplace to good use and lighting up. Black & White Navajo Matchbook, $5, High Street Market Do you have tried and true styling tricks? Share with us in the comments so we can use them in our next home tour! But whatever you do, just don't take it this far. Photographs: Justin Coit, Woodnote Photography, Aaron Fallon, Reid Rolls, Andrew Arthur, Chris Patey

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