This Is EXACTLY How to Answer 5 Impossible Interview Questions

No matter how confident, composed, and qualified you are, there's something nerve-racking about a job interview that can rattle even those at the top of their field. It's a bit like high-stakes speed dating. You have a matter of minutes to impress the person you're meeting with, and you know that every gesture and word is being closely scrutinized.

If you're battling nerves, leadership advisor Dana White says there is a way to boost your chance of success: Research, prepare, and practice questions out loud. As a top advisor to CEOs and U.S. senators, and author of Leader Designed: Become the Leader You Were Made to Be, White is a master of speechwriting and reading those around her—two skills that are vital for turning an interview into an offer. Here, she tackles the questions that would make any candidate squirm and explains exactly why her approach could score you the job. Consider this your word-for-word guide to the five toughest interview questions. Go on; you've got this.