The Job Interview Questions You Should Prepare For

As we’re sure you’re well aware, there is an entirely new universe of career options available today that didn’t exist five years ago. With the shift from large company training programs to startup work environments, a new category has emerged as one of the top traits hiring managers look for. We’re talking “cultural fit.” We sat down with Danielle Meichtry, our director of human resources at Clique Media, and asked her to shed some light on this new interview trend.

“Culture sets the tone of daily life at a company. It's what the company believes in, at all levels, how you work together and how they operate, she tells us. Creating a successful culture is a competitive advantage no matter the industry. Companies have become more protective of who they bring into the organization because hiring mistakes can be costly. Your skills and experience will get you the interview, but knowing about the culture and demonstrating your ability to fit in will land you the job.”

Read on for some curveball interview questions you should be prepared for in this modern age.