The ONE Thing Your Home Is Missing (and How to Get It Back)

Take a look around you right now. Does your home make you want to sink into its surroundings or put your shoes on and walk back out the door? While all the elements are there (an ambient color palette, stylish décor, and unique furniture) for some reason it just feels a little flat. What's missing? If you want to create a truly cozy and lived-in home there's one thing we turn to every time: texture. It sounds so simple at first, but there is a real art to layering these essential elements so they create visual intrigue, warmth, and that homely comfort we all crave.  

So what exactly does it take to create an inviting texture-rich space? One thing we do know is there's a lot more to it than just adding a throw pillow to a chair (although that's definitely part of it too). To find out how we can infuse this vital design detail into our homes, we tapped the talented Sasha Adler, design director at Nate Berkus Associates. Ahead she shares her texture ideas, tips, and tricks to convert your home from cold and flat to warm and cozy.