3 Ways to Succeed as an Introvert at the Office

Updated 05/06/19
introvert office success tips
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If you're an introvert, the typical office environment might not be conducive to your wellness and success. The modern-day workplace seems to caters to and reward extroverts, structuring itself in ways that encourage interaction and the constant exchanging of ideas in group brainstorming sessions, celebrating those skilled in engaging with others. Moreover, the open-plan office setups that are currently in favor don't allow for much personal space and hardly act as a respite from daily ongoings.

It's enough to make any introvert shut down.

For the introvert, the office can be difficult territory to navigate, feel safe, and strive. To aid individuals in this situation, PopSugar rounded up a list of ways introverts can improve their work experience and transform the workplace into an environment that encourages success. We chose our top three solutions and highlighted them here.

1. Take alone time when you can. Unlike extroverts who are energized by being around others, introverts require alone time to recharge. While your day to day might be stacked with meetings and touch bases with coworkers, you can combat the draining effects by taking alone time whenever you can. PopSugar recommends finding an empty conference room to escape to, even for just 15 minutes, or taking lunch outside. At your desk, you can use noise-canceling headphones to turn off the surrounding sounds and get back into your own head.

2. Make your personal workspace your safe haven. Make your desk space a place for recharging and taking a break from the office bustle. Surround yourself with things you love and images that soothe you. Potted plants and photos of exotic scenery can have calming effects and assist your mental escape. Have your favorite books on hand if you need just a few minutes to get away.

3. Find a friend. Make a meaningful connection with a co-worker. The buddy system can go a long way in the workplace, and it's essential you have someone who can be by your side during larger social situations that otherwise might cause discomfort and anxiety.

Agree with these tips or have some more of your own? Share your thoughts on the subject with us.

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