Apple Wants You to Sleep Better Than Ever

Falling asleep next to your iPhone is a reality of the digital age. Whether it’s to comb through Instagram at night or check e-mails in the morning, our iPhones have become our bedfellows. But despite how much you cherish the way it looks at you before bed, or how much you rely on the comfort of knowing it will be there when you wake up, we’ve heard over and over again how sleeping with your phone is detrimental to your health.

A study published in Scientific American revealed the blue light of an iPhone slows the release of the sleep-regulating hormone melatonin, thus affecting our sleep cycles in a negative way. In other words, if you’ve been feeling unusually fatigued lately, you might have your iPhone to thank.

But wait. Perhaps in an attempt to cure a backlash to their most popular device, Apple has come up with a cure for the iPhone’s sleep-depriving tendencies. The latest operating system from the tech giant, iOS 9.3, comes equipped with a new feature called Night Shift.

The way it works is simple: By using the clock and geolocation, your phone adjusts the harsh blue light to a much warmer tone when the sun goes down, and then shifts them back to the original light in the morning. All you have to do to activate it is visit “Display & Brightness” in “Settings.” There you’ll find the “Night Shift” feature where you can set specific times for the adjustment to take place, or just press “Sunset to Sunrise” for your phone to do it automatically.

Because the feature is still relatively new, no data has been released to prove its effectiveness; Apple only promises that it “may” help you sleep better. On the opposing side, screen display expert Raymond Soneira insists that the feature acts as a placebo more than anything.

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Try this feature out and let us know if it cured your insomnia!