8 New iPhone Features We Can't Live Without

The new iOS 9 operating system has arrived. While Apple promises overall faster, better, stronger processing for all apps and features, we are particularly jazzed about a handful of updates. Marie Claire rounded up a stellar list of the most noteworthy new perks, and here’s what we’re most excited about now:

News: iOS 9 features a News app for your home screen. Articles are sourced and filtered from a range of sources, from top news organizations to indie blogs. Stories are chosen for you based on what you like to read, so the more you read on your device, the more it learns what to feed you.

Public Transit Directions: Currently available only in select cities, Maps now shoes you public transit lines and stations. No more opening a separate app or map to navigate the subway. Now your route is streamlined. Just select transit view, and you’ll be on your merry way.

Hide Photos: Go to the share menu and select “Hide” to pull images out of Moments, Collections, and Years. They will still be available in Albums. 

Select Multiple Photos: Selecting photos just went from one-on-one to zone defense. No more individual taps. Now you can tap and drag to highlight images in bulk.

Save Battery Power: Activate low power mode when you’re running low on juice. 

Take Better Notes: Now you can add photos, web links, and maps to Notes. You can also turn lists into checklists and sketch and draw within the app.

Automatic Calendar Update: iOS 9 clues into events in your email messages to effectively sync your calendar with your inbox.  So when that meeting change email comes in, it’s already handled.

Siri Smarts: That Siri just keeps getting smarter. Use the virtual secretary for more-intelligent searches. Want to jump to photos from last year’s fashion week? Just tell her the date and location, and she’ll pull up your Camera Roll library.

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